4 Wasting Energy Habits at Home

Written By Alla Levin
March 02, 2020
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Home Efficiency: Wasting Energy Habits at Home

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve already decided to become more environmentally friendly.

It’s a praiseworthy decision and not only the planet but also your wallet will be thankful for what you’re about to change in your life.

We have a lot of bad habits at home, and they all add up and escalate the costs of electricity bills. That’s why it’s essential to avoid these four bad habits.

You keep unused electronics plugged in

It’s not easy to remember, and let’s be honest; we all do that. Avoid doing it, and you’ll see how good results it can bring.

Some people are too lazy to do this, and if you’re one of them, get a power strip. It costs pennies and allows you to start saving energy right away.

You leave lights on in rooms where you don’t spend time

It’s a pure waste of energy, and it’s also something that happens to every one of us. We do it unintentionally and forget about them.

This unnecessary waste of energy can add up to $20 from a yearly perspective. If you’d rather have that money in your pocket, make sure not to do that.

You don’t use a smart thermostat

Get it now, set it in a matter of a few minutes, and lower your bills significantly. You don’t need to heat when nobody is at your home.

Thanks to smart technology, you won’t have to come back to a cold home anymore, but at the same time, you won’t have to heat it for all the time of your absence.

It’s easy and intuitive to program a thermostat, and you won’t have any difficulties with adjusting it to your daily schedule.

You heat the water too much

Of course, it feels nice to take a hot shower after an exhausting day at work. But, some people set their thermostats to simply too high levels. Make sure that your water is just warm and not hot.

Setting water to 120 Fahrenheit is enough, and anything above that is just a waste of money and energy.

According to the Clearview energy review, there are even more ways to save money, for example, by choosing the best and cheapest providers that might sometimes give you special offers and promotions.

And, if you’d like to learn more effective ways of saving energy, take a look at the infographic provided by Texas Electricity Ratings:Home Efficiency: Wasting Energy Habits at Home

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