7 Deadly Sins to Avoid When Choosing a Plumber in Baltimore

Written By Alla Levin
April 22, 2021

Deadly Sins to Avoid When Choosing a Plumber in Baltimore

Did you know that Baltimore City has more monuments and statues per capita than any other American city? That is why it earned its name as the Monumental City. Additionally, thousands of registered plumbers serve its 593,490 residents.

But how do you choose the right licensed Baltimore plumber to meet your plumbing needs? What mistakes should you avoid in your selection process? Here are the seven deadliest sins to avoid when choosing a plumber in Baltimore. Please keep reading to avoid them and make an informed choice.

Overlooking License

Overlooking a plumber’s license is one of the deadliest sins to avoid in your selection process. Some Baltimore residents are naïve enough to choose a licensed Baltimore plumber without seeing their license. They assume that the plumber is licensed because they called a landline number or visited the plumber’s office. Others solely rely on the plumber’s experience and overlook this critical consideration.

It would be best to remember that a license is a legal document that allows a plumber to operate in a given location. Seeing their license before they start working on your plumbing system assures you that the professional is reliable and has sufficient training to serve you.

The license also proves that the plumber operates legally. Operating without a license shows that this person disregards the law and is most likely to break it in many others ways after awarding them business.

Focusing on Advanced Equipment at the Cost of ExpertiseChoosing a Plumber in Baltimore

Having the best and latest high-tech tools and equipment is an excellent feature to look for in a plumber. However, focusing on these tools alone and allowing them to excite you could land you into the hands of the wrong plumber. The reason is that excellent equipment can’t substitute experience and expertise. Remember, tools can’t give you better results than their wielders’ experience and expertise. Thus, it’s prudent to see the plumbing contractor’s results before focusing on the tools that produce them.

A Blind Focus on Cost

Cost is an indispensable factor when choosing a licensed Baltimore plumber. However, you are most likely to miss the point and shortchange yourself if you blindly focus on it at the expense of other factors. Shoddy contractors know how to hide their deficiencies under the guise of low prices to attract unsuspecting, overly cost-conscious homeowners.

Still, others take the game higher by deliberately overpricing their services to create a false impression that you are paying for better services. So, use your judgment to determine the value of every dollar you pay. Demanding to see results and asking for referrals from satisfied clients are the surest ways of getting fair value for your money.

Neglecting Written Agreements

Never neglect a written contract because you have proven that the plumber does excellent jobs or is licensed. It’s to your highest advantage to commit the contractor to pen and paper before allowing them to start working on your premises.

This way, the plumber will work on all the issues you agreed upon within a stipulated time frame and budget. Such an agreement saves you unnecessary conflict that could arise from delayed project completion. A contract also lets you claim refunds if the contractor delays completing the job.

Ignoring InsurancePlumber in Baltimore

Ignoring insurance is a sure way of short-changing yourself. It will deny you compensation for any damages that happen to your premises during the plumbing project. A professional and licensed plumber must have insurance to compensate you if accidental damages result from their work.

Overlooking Estimates

It’s a deadly mistake to settle for a plumber before seeing their cost estimates. Any reputable contractor will give you a quote with estimates of what you can expect to pay for. Failing to take care of this issue could slap you with sudden costs during the project’s lifetime. You might end up puncturing your budget if the contractor comes up with expenses you hadn’t budgeted for.

Poor Research

Lastly, poor research will cost you dearly. You should always punctuate your search for an excellent plumber with adequate research. Sufficient research enables you to get the best deal in the market. The reason is that Baltimore has thousands of service providers who can offer you the same quality of work at different costs. You can only skip this stage if your plumbing issue is an emergency. Otherwise, always follow the golden rule of searching and researching before deciding.

Baltimore residents commit different deadly sins when choosing the right plumbing company. However, you don’t need to repeat them. This post discussed the seven deadliest plumber selection sins to avoid. It’s up to you to use this insight to avoid them and get the best value for your money.

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