11 Most Common Injuries Covered by Workers Compensation

Written By Alla Levin
March 16, 2020

11 Most Common Injuries Covered by Workers Compensation

Workplace injuries are a nightmare for HR departments. Dealing with these claims can be a tedious task for any organization. At the same time, these forms are sent all across the management before the amount is dispersed.

In cases where the company does not recognize the injury as covered under their policy, you can go for any Seattle workers compensation attorney with the right knowledge and experience you’ll probably get your promised amount. So, here are the 11 most common work injuries covered by worker’s compensation.

Repetitive Tasksinjuries covered by workers compensation

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a case in which the repetition of the same task causes muscles to lose strength. This makes the muscles soft and causes damage to their structure. The first example of such a case dates back to the 1700s!

It starts off with minute pain in the muscles and develops into a severe injury. It can easily be countered by job rotation, and that’s why factory workers are given different tasks to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

Suppose you’ve suffered an injury while on the job; navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation claims can be overwhelming. Seeking guidance from a skilled Seattle personal injury attorney can make all the difference in securing the benefits you deserve.

Whether it’s a back injury from lifting heavy objects, repetitive strain injuries due to continuous movements, or slips and falls on slippery surfaces, a seasoned attorney can provide invaluable support in ensuring your rights are protected and that you receive the necessary medical care and compensation during your recovery process. Don’t bear the burden alone; let a dedicated Seattle personal injury attorney fight for your rights and help you recover.

Repetitive Motion

The repetitive motion injury is caused by repeating the same motion again and again. Sometimes, it is caused by sudden trauma due to a fall or blow to the body. This situation would cause sprain and tear in the muscle. It is important to keep an eye on the posture of your employees because it can be caused by non-ergonomic stances workers take during their job.

Handling Heavy Weightsinjuries covered by workers compensation

Many jobs have a specific requirement for people with good strength or toned muscle. This is not because HR is bifurcating on the basis of looks. It’s because the job involves lifting heavyweight.

Sometimes while lifting weights employees cause stress on their muscles. This is the most common workplace injury in the gym and surprising it even affects the strongest of people if they are stressed out.

The increased amount of time spent or job and lack of sleep keep the muscles inflated but lose strength. Applying too much power in such a situation can cause the muscle to tear.

Fall from Heights

This is the most common workplace injury in roofing businesses. Surprisingly these are the type of injuries that can easily be prevented from happening. With proper up-to-date equipment and a quality checking officer, monitoring the safety from time to time can prevent these injuries from happening.

Inhalation of Toxic Fumesinjuries covered by workers compensation

For people that work in industries where they have to deal with toxic material, it is necessary to have gas masks, goggles, and protective suits. The employees of such organizations are always at risk of allergic reactions to toxic fumes or any sort of serious injury. The safety equipment used in these offices is to be regularly sterilized and cleaned after every interval.

Slip and Trip

Yellow cones placed next to the floor that is being cleaned are to tell people to be careful or to avoid walking over the wet floor if possible. A simple slip can sometimes cause serious damage. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Transportation Injuriesworkers compensation

The road you are traveling on is someone’s workplace and any or all injuries caused during working hours are considered workplace injuries. Accidents while placing parking cones or when fixing the signs on the road are all injuries that are dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Workplace Violence

Job injuries caused by one employee to another fall in workplace violence. The punishment is termination for the employee who violated this rule and in some cases, the organizations pay to the one who is violated physically or mentally.

Damage Caused by Machineryinjuries covered by workers compensation

Damages caused by machinery or being entangled in one can sometimes be more than just an injury. The results are mostly fatal. For employees that have gone through the harsh experience are compensated by the organization.

Damages by Organizations Infrastructure

Job in the construction field has high chance of heavy objects falling. Being or struck by such would cause a serious concussion. The work environment should communicate the risks on the field and safety measures to avoid such incidents. Construction sites should make it mandatory to wear helmets at all times during the job period.

Unknowingly Walking Into Thingsinjuries covered

Apple’s very famous case of this incident has become a source of guidance for other organizations. In an all mirror branch of apple’s new store employees accidentally walked into one of the mirrors and were heavily wounded.

To Sum, it All Up: Injuries Covered by Workers Compensation

All of these workplace injuries are common with respect to the nature of the job. Some of the ones mentioned above can easily be prevented if proper and strict safety protocols are followed. Wearing a helmet at a construction site can save you from bigger harm than imagined.

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