Why Car Maintenance Matters

Written By Alla Levin
March 19, 2020
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Why Car Maintenance Matters

When you are keeping on top of your car maintenance, you will end up paying much less when it comes to the yearly car check. While there are many car jobs that can be handled with ease, there are some things that you should use a qualified garage like Ace Auto Repair to handle.

A car is almost essential in the modern world. The school runs, getting to work, visiting relatives, and a spot of travel. It all becomes more possible and easy when you have a set of wheels. But with great wheels comes great responsibility.

There are a number of costs that are associated with keeping your car running.  Taxes, insurance, and routine maintenance. Not to mention that cars can have issues appear out of the blue too. We don’t often realize how important a car is to us until we no longer have it. You can do simple things to look after your car and save on some of the maintenance. 

Resale Valuecars lose a large percentage of their value the moment then drive off the lot

A car that runs with no issues is, of course, going to be worth more than a car that doesn’t run well. So if you take care of your car, when the time comes to sell it, you will see a better return. We all know that most cars lose a large percentage of their value the moment then drive off the lot, so it pays for you to try to hold on to as much of that value as possible. 


A car that has been taken care of is a joy to drive. And not only that but it will have a longer lifespan too. Making sure your vehicle is in peak condition will make sure that when you really need those emergency brakes or a clean windscreen, it won’t be a problem. Testing your brakes, your windscreen wipers, windows, and more once a week will give you a good indicator of how the car is doing in general – are basic car maintenance.

Why Car Maintenance Matters: SafetyWhy Car Maintenance Matters

This should be a no-brainer, but the more you look after your car, the more your car can look after you. You want to make sure all the critical safety components are in good working order. While the brakes are one of the biggest things that people consider, millions of people end up in accidents because they haven’t checked their tire tread.

Not only that, but a simple thing like untwisting all of the seatbelts can mean if they are needed, they will be fine. 

Many people leave it until something happens to read the manual. But if you take the time when you first get the car, you can learn where the spare tire is, if the car has tools fitted in the boot, and where the switches are.  As well as how to replace a bulb, fill up the deicer and top up the water too.  If your car didn’t come with a manual, you could find almost everything you need online. That few minutes of checks a week, take no time at all and can make all the difference. 

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