Why Does Your Vehicle Perform Badly?

Written By Alla Levin
May 30, 2020

Why Does Vehicle Perform Badly?

Have you ever wondered why your car perform badly? If you still do not know the answer, this article contains 6 factors that affect your car’s performance optimally. Besides, it also provides you with some tips to keep your car at better performance.

Let’s find them out now!

6 Factors That Affect Your Car Performance Optimally

Hot Weather

Similar to cold weather, hot weather can also adversely affect your vehicle. You should not think hot weather has no factors affecting fuel economy.

However, warm weather will take care of your car better:

  • The optimum temperature and oil will get closer together, which will help lubricate your car better
  • Tires always have perfect tension
  • The engine heats quickly

However, there are still many cars that suffer from a poor fuel economy on sweltering days. The culprit here is your air conditioner. In rising gas prices, you can use AC to reduce your vehicle mileage by 10%.

Remember, that a bad performance can end up in a totaled vehicle.

Cold Weather

Frosty weather can lead to many effects on your vehicle. Because of our mechanical and behavioral constraints in this weather, cold weather will have drastic effects on our fuel.

Cold weather leads to the thickness of chilly air. This not only increases drag but also lowers tire pressure. Once resistance has increased and tire pressure has decreased, your vehicle will have to operate more power to meet this obstacle.

From there, your car will have to spend more gasoline to move. In addition, the optimal engine operation will be stagnant.

Cold weather can reduce the performance of your car. You will need more time for your car to achieve maximum performance. To solve this problem, many drivers heated the engine before riding in cold weather.

A car outdoors may not be safe, and no one expects it. Practically, leaving your car idle in the weather like this is a waste of most from a fuel economy standpoint. The driving process will help the engine of the car heat faster.

Try to park in a warm place. At least your car will stay warm to minimize the terrible impact.

Driving StyleShape and Style of The Vehicle

In this life, everyone must have at least one habit for themselves. In fact, many people familiar with driving styles have serious effects on fuel efficiency. If you regularly speed up quickly and drive at high-speed, you will experience a 33% decrease in performance.

To maintain high-speed and speed up quickly, the car must also operate at full capacity to overcome vehicle inertia, achieve higher engine revolutions, and consume more fuel. Manufacturers often set the gear in your transmission to have the lowest revs at this general highway speed. Efficiency will decrease when revs climb.

Shape and Style of The VehicleShape and Style of The Vehicle

Have you ever looked at sports cars and wondered why they look so polished and genuine? For example, hybrid Toyota Prius cars often carry smooth contours and modern designs. It is not just for show. Here, the external form determines the function.

Each car will possess its own benefit to the performance.

In both cases, aerodynamics has a dominant influence on the styling. Some big, boxy cars like SUVs or vans piled up the air in front of them. This leads to the ability to increase drag and reduce efficiency. Your car will need more power to operate and consume more fuel.

You cannot become a speed racer and a fuel cart at the same time if you are driving a sleek hybrid. The increase in speed results in exponential increases in air resistance.

That means that if you use 15% more fuel for every 10 miles per hour, your car will fall into hunger.

Hidden WeightSUVs with large engines

When your car becomes heavier, it will require more power and more fuel to run. That is the reason why the manufacturers equip big trucks or SUVs with large engines.

Some drivers often do not take notice of this problem. For instance, some stuff such as sports equipment, laundry, or bags will add more weight. This may hurt the mileage when you are on the road.

So, if you plan to go in the long run, you should keep your car tidy and know well why does the vehicle perform badly.

The Gadgets Inside Your CarThe cool gadget may deteriorate the performance as well

The cool gadget may deteriorate the performance as well.  As you may know, each car has many automotive gadgets including navigation, Bluetooth, or touchscreens nowadays.

They play as standard features, and some vehicles also contain the Wi-Fi hot spots. Besides, you often connect your phones or music players to the audio system of your car. And you also can recharge many other gadgets in the car.

All of these things can lead to the loss of energy in your car. In other words, they put much more pressure on the battery, which impact negatively on the performance of your car.

So, you can end up this issue by replacing these gadgets with those which are less tech-infused.

Some Ways to Increase the Performance of Your Car

Why Does Vehicle Perform Badly

Leave Unnecessary Things at Home

As mentioned above, if your car is too heavy, it reduces the mileage to 2%. Normally, the smaller cars are often more affected than the larger ones. So, for the extra weight of 100 pounds, you should spend about 6 cents per gallon.

Why Does Vehicle Perform Badly: Check Your Tire Pressure

The tire is one of the most important factors contributing to the performance of your car. A tire that is not inflated by 10 psi can reduce your fuel economy by nearly 3.3%. Then, you multiply this number with four tires, you may know that will be a big number.

Therefore, you should follow the guidelines attached to the manual in your car. Otherwise, you can check the door jamb to see whether some stickers appeared.

In addition, you can select all-season performance tires for your vehicle, a set of performance tires that will enhance your driving performance on every road.

Turn Your Car Off When Waiting

If you have to wait more than 10 seconds, you should turn your car off. An idling car will burn much gas each hour, resulting in the bad performance of your vehicle.

So, the best way is that you turn it off to save the gas and protect your engine.

Why Does Vehicle Perform Badly: Conclusion

Apart from these 6 factors that affect your car performance optimally, there are still some other elements. However, if you follow the right instruction for the maintenance of your car, you will still have a good performance and a good trip as well.

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