5 Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Written By Alla Levin
April 30, 2020

Here is How to Keep Data Safe

Nowadays, we do a lot online. We work, shop, have contact with friends around the world, watch movies, listen to music and use social media. Because of that, it has become incredibly important to keep your data safe. When you don’t have good IT security, all your private data can get accessed by cybercriminals.

Even when you think you have nothing to hide, it is important to protect your data. For example, your banking or insurance details can get stolen. In this article, you’ll find some tips for staying safe on the internet.

Keep Data Safe: Safe passwords

The name of your cat/dog is not a safe password! Sounds funny, but a lot of people still use this. How do you set a strong password? Use small and capital letters, numbers, and symbols in a random combination and make it long enough. Normally when you have to make a new password, the website is also giving you guidelines about it.

Don’t ignore them, but take them as a piece of advice! When you work with sensitive information use two-step verification. It’s a small effort, but it will protect your data better!

Be awareKeep Data Safe

It’s very important to be aware of the risks of a not secure internet environment. Make sure you know the risks and that you know how to work safely. Learn how to handle your personal data and make sure that you know how to recognize phishing.

Inform yourself

It’s not easy to recognize the weaknesses in your IT environment. Especially when you’re not a professional. You’re data can be at risk without you even realizing it. Therefore we advise you to get some IT advice from a professional.

For example an external company. They have the expertise to optimize your IT security for all endpoints. By taking the advice, you make the first step to limiting your risks.

Ask for helpexpertise in IT security

We understand that you don’t have all the knowledge to protect your data all by yourself.

There is a lot of company’s with expertise in IT security. You can choose to give all the control over your online and data safety to a company.

Working in the cloud

If you save all your data on your laptop or computer and it gets broken, it’s likely that you will lose your data. Therefore, it’s wise to save stuff in the cloud.

You can reach your data anytime and on every device from anywhere in the world. For this reason, you can work from anywhere you want!

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