What Are The Benefits Of Header Bidding For Advertisers And Publishers?

Written By Alla Levin
May 26, 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Header Bidding For Advertisers And Publishers?

Pre-bidding or advanced bidding serves as an alternative option to the “waterfall” model of Google.

The advertisers generally use the smart technique for programmatic advertising.

The advertisers are allowed to contest in inventories both reserved and unreserved through an external action to the ad server.

Benefits for the Publishers

Now, let’s know what advantages the publishers get while using this bidding process.

Here, we proceed.

Increase in demand choiceHeader Bidding For Advertisers

Publishers are allowed to embody with several SSPs and demanding partners more rapidly without any difficulty by increasing the broad range and a vast variety of available demand for them.

If we compare header bidding with passback or waterfall setup, we will see, it opens up the supply of buyers more.

Many of the buyers might not be interested in picking up the leftovers at the near-end of the auction.

It even further offers or allows the publishers to perform with much more advertisers in both terms of variations and numbers.

Diaphanous or Transparency

According to certain cases, as the publishers are allowed to sell their inventories based on a per-impression, it provides enhanced transparency into how much impressions are worthy.

The publishers can keep track of each impression’s ad transaction data.

The entire process allows the publishers to be resolute the sell of an impression and ensures that it has served the ASA.

For offering enhancement in reporting and optimization, it allows much more control and more transparency in bidding, overall.

More fill rates, revenues and yield managementyield along with their revenue.

As the number of advertisers who are participating in the auction is much higher, it automatically leads to the increment in the chance of getting better fill rates.

In the auction, each impression is optimally auctioned by making a comparison of the bids from all demand partners.

As more advertisers can opt for participating in the bidding, the gross revenue of the publishers automatically gets a boost and increases.

As multiple bidders are allowed to perform simultaneous bidding on the same inventory, publishers essentially increase their yield along with their revenue.

Benefits for the Advertisers

As we have known the benefits enjoyed by the publishers, now let’s realize the advantages that the advertisers might get while using header bidding.

Better access to premium inventoryHeader Bidding For Advertisers

Several publishers used to access the private marketplace to sell their premium inventories before header bidding was available.

Because of this, the open market was filled by multiple low-quality inventories. Though, header bidding changed the entire system rapidly.

The advertisers are now allowed to take a complete view of the inventories of the publishers and can secure and bid their placement of ads very efficiently and easily.

Better forecasting

With a quick upgrade in the bidding technology, the advertisers are now allowed to have a better view of the ad inventory.

It further includes the number of demographics and impressions of the visitors to the website.

All these data can be used by an advertiser to work on their strategy of targeting more effectively and efficiently.

It further allows the buyers to reach their targeted audience easily at scale.


Undoubtedly, this concept leads to an overall improvement over the waterfall setup.

Though the setting up process is a bit complicated and increases the loading time of the page, it is still being used and practiced and provides larger yields.

It provides benefits to both publishers and advertisers.

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