What Happens When You Procure Materials Abroad?

Written By Alla Levin
May 28, 2020

What Happens When You Procure Materials Abroad?

The top brands in the world will sail and fly, thousands of miles around the world to procure their materials.

You can bet on Tesla, although it’s based in the United States, it gets much of its lithium from mines in Chile.

Although there are many car manufacturers based in Europe, many of them choose to procure their materials in China.

This something that small business owners could only hope to do themselves, just a decade or so ago.

But now, with extended logistical support, supply chains that are digitally available to access, and much more clients increasing demand, it’s quite possible.

But the question for many people who are unfamiliar with the process is, how do you get started?

Procure Materials Abroad: Find a representative

Since you’re not familiar with the local territory, you should hire a domestic auditor to do your bidding for you.

This is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, they can get you in contact with who you want, in terms of quality, quantity, and price.

Secondly, they can explain the legal framework you must operate in, which is important for international commerce exchange.

One of the other benefits is, they will understand since they speak your language and thus, your concerns will be properly understood.

Sourcing from abroad will also show you what other options there are besides the domestic market.

Small business owners will be amazed at the opportunities right at their feet if they had the courage to look further afield.

Go and meet clients

There’s simply no other way to procure materials from abroad clients, without going to meet them in-person.

You must get used to flying many miles to have a business meeting with all the companies you wish to buy raw materials from because they will want to audit your business as well.

They’ll ask for documents of your business plan and they will obviously want to mull over your contract.

However, it’s also a very risky step for businesses to take when they enter into a foreign relationship.

They will want to assess your character and see if they can trust you, judging by the answer you give to their questions.

Making the first impression is crucial but you’re also tired and bewildered by being in a foreign land.

That’s why it’s good to read up on the cultural business etiquette of the nation and get plenty of sleep before the meeting.

Processing payment

So how will you pay the client? International partnerships are very tricky in the beginning.

Companies like KnightsbridgeFX make things a whole lot easier as they can convert large sums of money into foreign currency

This allows you to make and send payments in the foreign currency of your client, safely and securely.

They guarantee to beat your bank’s exchange rate which means they’re viable to utilize long-term.

Providing competitive import and export exchange rates, they deal with the major and minor currencies of the world.

Initially, you’ll wonder is it worth it? But many times material procurement from overseas clients is very beneficial and not just financially.

You will learn about the process of doing business with people who you linguistically can’t understand and understand different business cultures.

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