Try this Recipe: Turn Shatter to Vape Juice

Written By Alla Levin
June 10, 2020

Try this Recipe: Turn Shatter to Vape Juice

Do you intend to learn just how to transform ruin to e fluid? In this blog post, we are going to consider the easy prep work of converting shatter to vape juice or e-juice even if you’re home. A lot of individuals favor vapor over cigarette smoking. Vaporizing marijuana concentrate like shatter is a healthier selection for customers.

In fact, this has become so popular that many Canadian dispensaries such as OWGanjaKid sell all sorts of Mix & Match shatter products. You can view them here:

Smoking cigarettes is harmful due to the chemicals that are straight ingested into your lungs. Today, many users prepare to blend as well as prepare their very own e-juice. First, allow’s take a look at exactly how e-liquids are different from various other pre-filled vape cartridges.

There is no distinction whatsoever except that you are the one going to prepare your very own e-juice. The e-juice or e-liquid is combined with cannabis concentrate (shatter, wax, or honey oil) and other compounds, but note, not every e-juice is prepared in the same way. For example, you have to decarb rosin if you want to infuse edibles with it – which is useful to remember.

Preparing your very own e-juice offers extra modification, control, and comfort. You don’t need to spend a lot because it is more affordable when preparing your very own. Transforming focuses is a much more discreet way of eating it without producing much fuzz.

Advantages of Vape Juice

Vape juice is an easier method to take marijuana using a vape pen. You can take it anywhere, anytime without having a lot of trouble.

Exactly how to Begin

Prior to we go into the information, allow’s guarantee that your shatter has satisfied the specified focus or dosage. Ensure that you recognize its dosage. Many oil solvents must have a 60 to 90 percent THC material. If you are a newbie, the beginning dose for edible cannabis is just 5 to 10 percent. THC and also bits are only for those who are already utilizing it. Are you aware of how long edibles last? You might want to look that up before you try it out.

Easy Recipe for E-Juice


  • Vacant glass dropper containers
  • Latex gloves
  • Syringes
  • Propylene glycol (PG).
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG).

Prior to incorporating flavor, make sure that VG: PG is 50:50 or 80:20. This is a risk-free proportion when preparing your own marijuana extract.

E-Juice Mixture: Components

  • 1 gram of hash oil (rosin, wax, or shatter).
  • The container of an e-juice mix of PG and also VG.
  • 510 thread oil cartridges.
  • Microwave/ stove.
  • Syringe/ micropipette.


  • Use a spoon to squash your option of wax, shatter, or other hash oil in a ceramic box. Cover it with wax paper.
  • Thaw the cannabis concentrate. You can use a double boiler or a microwave to thaw it.
  • Include drops of VG/PG mix as well as mix momentarily. Make sure that the concentrate and also VG/PG are well mixed.
  • The consistency should be like honey. Let it cool. If the combination is still thick, add more VG/PG mix to dilute it and also attain the best consistency.
  • Get the THC-infused e-juice right into the vaporizer or dab cartridges utilizing a syringe.

Turn Shatter to Vape Juice

The mixture is done when you see that the fluid is viscous sufficient along with the shade remains as the shatter concentrate. Then can you move your mixture in a vacant 510-thread cartridge or use your old cartridge.

You’ll discover that there is even more e-juice left for a gram of shatter concentrate. Make sure to let the cannabis vape juice cool for an hour before eating it. It makes sure that it has accomplished the best thickness.

If you desire the e-liquid to be stronger, you can reduce the amount of shatter. Decreasing it makes the oil thicker but you’ll notice a more powerful effect and also the taste of terpenes is much more recognizable. Check terpenes sale.

Keep in mind that the PG is what develops the “hit” in the vape as well as gives the taste. VP does the work of vaporization. If you want your liquid to be less harsh, raise the quantity of VG than the PG.

There’s a lot of excellent reasons to prepare your own e-juice at home. If you’re concerned concerning the preparation, there is little to no smell whatsoever. It can be done also in a small area like your cooking area. Vaping your own e-juice is a simpler, easier, and secure way to take in cannabis without much fuzz.

Furthermore, vaping gives you a very discreet and mobile means to consume marijuana concentrates. Attempt this dish if you are interested in preparing your own e-liquid at home. You’ll be able to invest less than when purchasing a prepared one. You’ll also get even more liquid that provides you one of the most cost savings.

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