Exercises for Your Eyes: Here Are The Best

Written By Alla Levin
May 25, 2020
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Exercises for Eyes: Here Are The Best

For many people today, one of the best things that you can do is to try and increase your quality of vision.

After all, eyesight is so important; it’s one of the main ways we connect with the outside world and so failing vision could be devastating. From looking into brokers to insure against damage to our eyes, to making lifestyle changes there’s lots we can do. 

And many of us do that by eating the right foods, which is very important. High intakes of things like Vitamin A can be essential to making sure you have eyes that can do the exact job that you had wanted.

However, did you know that you can quite literally exercise your eyes? That’s right. Whether you wear glasses from your local opticians, or you use contacts from an online platform like ContactLenses, the following exercises can only help your eyes in the long run.

So, which of these exercises for your eyes will you start doing?

Regular blinkingEye zooming

The first option that we highly recommend is that you start blinking on a more regular basis. Blinking is something that helps to lessen eye strain quite admirably.

When we are staring at a screen or generally focused on something, we tend to stop blinking. Blinking, though, allows us to retain and regain the focus in and around our eyes.

This allows us to make sure that you can see more and do more. To make this work for you, then simply stare at something that is not a computer screen – preferably a blank wall.

Once you do that, start blinking over and overdo this for a minute or two. The constant refreshing of the eyes is great for our eyes and their resistance overall.

Definitely, one to try out that takes next to no time.

Eye zooming

Another useful tip that we recommend you try out as soon as you can is known as eye ‘zooming’. To do this, you need to sit down somewhere comfortable and then stretch out your arm whilst keeping your thumb up as you would if you were trying to hitch a lift from a cap or a stranger.

Do this, and then move both thumb and forearm back and forth. Focus on the thumb at all times, following it intently with your eyes.

Do this for a moment or two, and you will soon have eyes that feel absolutely fantastic for the most part. It’s a great strengthening exercise, even if it does seem a little crazy by comparison.

So, make sure that you take the time to get involved with eye zooming as it’s a simple but very effective technique for keeping your eyes in strong condition overall.

Rub your eyes

Rub your eyes

A good one to get your eyes nice and refreshed is to simply rub them. You can even do this when wearing contact lenses, so you should have no problem doing it unless you wear large and bulky glasses.

If your eyes are feeling strained, then you simply need to take both hands and rub them together. Wait until both hands feel nice and warm from the friction.

Then, close both eyes and lean back a little. Put both hands over an eye each, and let the heat from your hands work in and around the area.

Try and avoid adding any needless pressure as you do this, though; you simply want to use the heat combined with the darkness to give your eyes a little rest.

More often than not, doing this will leave you with eyes that can really feel the benefits of the rest.

Eye flexing

This might sound funny, but you can ‘flex’ your eyes if you really pus yourself to do so. The best thing to do here is to stare at a wall, preferably a wall with nothing to distract you. Now, roll your eyes upwards, having them sitting at the top of your eyes.

Then, do this ten times – rinse and repeat.

Once done, do the same, but this time look down. Complete this ten times. Once you do this, start doing it from left to right, completing each rotation ten or so times.

This does your eyes a world of good, and it is really great for strengthening eye muscles. It can feel a touch sore, to begin with, but you will soon get to grips with the technique. Once you do manage to grasp it, the results that it can provide you with are very impressive moving forward.

Eye pressing

Exercises for Eyes

This is one that we do when our eyes are extremely sore, and we’re having a head-pounding day in terms of stress. Start off here by closing your eyes and start taking in some deep breathing. Do that for a few moments.

When ready to begin, take your index finger on both eyes and rub one index finger per eye, soothing them softly but slowly. Don’t go too hard or try to push down on the eyes to excess – it’s unlikely to produce the results you would have expected.

Simply do this, with a very light pressing of each eye for around 5-10 seconds. Stop, relent, let them rest, and then do it again.

This only takes a moment or two of your time, but these simple and effective exercises for your eyes are sure to produce the kind of results that you were hoping for. So, why not try it out for yourself?

Keep this in mind, and you can find that your eyes start to benefit from a bit of exercise generally. Keep them up, and your eyes might not need corrective treatment either now or in the long run!

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