5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Digital Presence

Written By Alla Levin
June 16, 2020

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Digital Presence

Many small businesses around the world do not have a physical store.

Even for ones that do have a physical store, owning a website is one of the first things that make their business feel real.

It’s just one of the many gifts the internet offers us.

Today, we find more and more companies creating marketing plans and strategies that focus on their online presence.

This is mostly because they realize that digital marketing permits you to reach a far more broad global audience than any other marketing strategy out there.

However, some business owners are getting it wrong, and this is why we’re bringing you five mistakes to avoid when creating a digital presence.

Not Identifying Your Target AudienceIdentifying Your Target Audience

First things first, identify your target audience because an online marketing strategy without a defined target audience is a total waste of time.

Your product or service should have a purpose, and this purpose will help point you in the direction of the right audience.

Think of the things that are important to them and build engaging content around that.

Except your business or website is for enthusiasts, avoid using complex languages and terms; this could confuse and discourage potential customers.

Creating a Digital Presence: Inconsistency In Updating Your Platforms

Creating and managing a digital presence for any business requires time and devotion.

Many modern-day consumers first research a company they do not know or trust before deciding if they want to patronize them or not.

A website or social media page that is not frequently updated is not an encouraging look.

Consumers want to see your latest products, reviews, and how you engage with customers.

Based on this, you can promote engagement by responding to people’s comments and running promos like Facebook giveaways.

Creating Sites That Are Not User FriendlyCreating a Digital Presence

A website that is easy to access and navigate is highly likely to get more traffic and conclude transactions than one, that’s aesthetically pleasing.

This doesn’t mean you should not make your website beautiful; however, do not focus all your energy on just that. 

Customers want a website they can easily navigate without wasting a lot of time.

To know exactly how consumers are interacting with your site, you can use heat map technology and data analysis.

It equally helps to pinpoint areas that particularly need improvement.


If one way to improve customer experience is by surpassing their expectations, what happens when you go below their expectations?

They lose trust. Avoid the temptation to over-promise or exaggerate the services your business offers. You’ll notice this a lot in the food, beauty, and fashion industry. 

So, if you’re selling cosmetics, do not promise customers that you can clear up their skin in three days when you know that’s impossible.

Sure, you’ll make a lot of initial sales, but it’s not sustainable. You see, once the truth is discovered, customers will lose trust in you and spread bad reviews.

In the long run, it’ll make it quite difficult to gain new ones.

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