How Can Healthcare PR Communications Align with SEO in 2021?

Written By Alla Levin
January 26, 2021

How Can Healthcare PR Communications Align with SEO in 2021?

Marketing and communication channels working together attract higher conversion amidst the evolving digital healthcare landscape. Although both parties can function individually, collaborative existence brings refined productivity and expertise.

Presently, content is considered king, and outreach is critical for SEO success. PR and SEO collaboration thus bring finesse to the business from the textual (content) and reach-out (advertisement) aspects of healthcare.

However, healthcare companies must contract with a reliable healthcare communications agency to unleash optimal brand awareness. Meanwhile, how can healthcare PR communications and SEO collaborate in 2021?

Creating an Engaging Campaign

A healthcare communications agency can help with its clients’ brand exposure by developing effective and engaging marketing campaigns. The purpose of these campaigns is to ultimately raise brand awareness for the client and accomplish this to great effect; thorough research needs to be invested into the healthcare brand’s target audience to understand who they are and how they might currently engage with the brand.

These campaigns need to tell a captivating story with facts and figures while also being relevant to the brand and be aligned with their company objectives.

Generate KeywordsHealthcare PR Communications

Effective PR through campaign generation can help generate brand awareness and establish a great online presence. To enhance the client’s brand awareness and capitalize on maximizing their online presence, it is important to understand the intent and nature of the keywords that they are trying to rank for.

From an SEO perspective, it is important to understand the audience and user intent. By conducting keyword research analysis, a reputable SEO company can identify all the relevant and appropriate keywords that the healthcare brand currently ranks for and the target keyword they are trying to target aligned with their specific campaign to promote.

By generating thorough keyword analysis and research, it will provide more clarity on which keywords to avoid targeting as well as actually target because if keywords with too little to no search volumes are being targeted, then this will provide no results in being able to improve organic rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). There are many tools out there that agencies will use to help them with this matter, such as Ahrefs and Google Search Console.

Healthcare PR Communications: Backlink Strategy

Google frequently releases core updates with its algorithms to clamp down on websites obtaining unnatural and spammy links. Effective SEO backlinking strategies are required to help capitalize on improving the end-user’s navigational experience to prevent websites from receiving penalties that can affect their SERP rankings.

The campaign content created for the client needs to be associated with the target keywords that are trying to be ranked for. Regarding backlinking, Google places relevance and authority of the utmost importance, so to reap the benefits of seeing the client’s search rankings increase, the campaign links need to be obtained by highly authoritative editorial publications associated with the healthcare industry.

With the more placements that obtained on authoritative websites, the likelihood is that it will generate more referral traffic to the client’s website as well through the power of social media and articles being shared via different social media platforms, which can then lead to the healthcare brand’s campaign piece being picked up by other media outlets too.

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