11 Successful Companies to Start During the Pandemic

Written By Alla Levin
June 20, 2020
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Successful Companies to Start During the Pandemic

The current pandemic has ruined many small and large businesses in our community. Check out these successful companies to start during the pandemic. The global COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses in ruins.

Businesses that are reopening are realizing business is not as it was before causing many to make hard decisions. One of these hard decisions is closing the doors for good.

But it’s not all bad. Some many successful companies and industries are thriving in today’s current business climate. Small businesses adapting to social distancing or helping customers buy necessities are thriving.

Has your business recently closed its doors due to the pandemic? Or are you a new entrepreneur hoping to start your own business? With a little adaptability and perseverance, you can start a new business during the pandemic. The best part is you can make it successful. Interested in learning more? Here are 11 successful companies worth starting during the pandemic.

Successful Companies to Start

There are 2 parts of the business you need to consider before opening a company, especially if you want that company to be successful. The first is an opportunistic business. The pandemic is prompting people to stock up on important items such as cleaning products, masks, and medicine.

Businesses helping people stay safe and stock up on necessities during the pandemic are booming. The second is to think long-term. What products or services can your business continue offering when the panic of the pandemic subsides? Here’s a look at 11 successful companies you should start during the pandemic.

Remote Applications for Social DistancingRemote Applications for Social Distancing

Both business and education are moving to remote work to maintain social distancing. The problem they face is how do they work remotely? The answer is remote applications. With large numbers of workers, educators, and students moving to remote work, the need for user-friendly remote applications is rising.

The demand is rising so fast that some businesses can’t keep up.

This allows new businesses to join in. The best part is the need for powerful software to help with remote work or education isn’t going away any time soon. If you’re looking to start a long-term business, a company in remote applications is a great opportunity.

Cleaning Products & ServicesCleaning Services

The pandemic is causing people to have a higher level of cleanliness. The COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for days. This puts employees and customers at risk in restaurants, schools, and any other business where people meet face-to-face.

Everyone must raise their sanitation standards to keep everyone safe. Many businesses, however, don’t have the people or skills necessary to keep a clean and safe working environment.

Cleaning services are thriving during the pandemic. Businesses and individuals who’ve never used a cleaning company before are finding they need professional help.

Many cleaning companies are hiring more employees to keep up with demand.

Drive-In Movie Theaters

After several long months of lockdown, people and families are getting restless. Unfortunately, most entertainment businesses remain closed even though some businesses are reopening.

One of the most unique businesses to thrive during this pandemic is drive-in movie theaters. These theaters are completely outside and allow people to maintain social distancing. You can relax in your car and enjoy your favorite snacks while watching a new movie.

While it’s unknown how long drive-in theaters will remain in vogue, there’s no doubt they’ve made a comeback. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting business adventure, give drive-in movie theaters a try.

Liquor Storescreate specialty drinks

Many people love their liquor. You could see this during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. While bars closed for the pandemic, liquor stores saw a major increase in sales.

People stocked up on liquor, beer, and wine to help pass time and stay calm during the lockdown. Others stocked up to make homemade hand sanitizer and cleaning products.

Social media trends also inspired people to purchase liquor to mix and create their own specialty drinks. With many bars remaining closed or limiting capacity, it’s likely many people will continue enjoying their drinks from home.

Digital Marketing Agencieslist of most profitable small businesses_1

The onset of the pandemic caused most businesses to reevaluate their marketing plans. Everyone from health care to restaurants to retailers had to change their marketing plans to adapt to the coronavirus.

The pandemic forced many brick-and-mortar retailers to close their doors for an indefinite amount of time. This caused most retailers to switch to E-commerce and selling their products online.

Businesses need an effective marketing plan to share the changes they’re making to ensure safety during the pandemic. Marketers, like media shark, are working hard to meet business’ marketing needs during the pandemic. Digital marketing is here to stay. Both consumers and businesses are relying more than ever on technology to stay connected.

Games & Puzzleslist of most profitable small businesses

Do you enjoy playing board games or video games? Have you played either of these during the Coronavirus lockdown? Another unique industry thriving during the pandemic is game and puzzle makers. As more people and families maintain social distancing and stay home, the more they need something to do.

What better way to pass time with family and friends than with games? Board games, puzzles, and video games are growing industries where businesses are flourishing.

If you have a creative game or puzzle idea, now is the time to make that idea a reality. Even as pandemic subsides, people will always love games and puzzles.

Fitness Equipmentsuccessful business

Social distancing forced more than just bars and restaurants to close. Gyms are closing due to the sharing of equipment and space which puts people at risk for COVID-19.

People who care about their fitness are having a difficult time staying active without the gym. People looking to stay fit and active are investing in their own gym equipment.

They’re creating home gyms they can use whenever they want without having to share with others. It’s a perfect solution to maintaining social distancing and health during a pandemic.

Fitness equipment retailers and manufacturers are doing better than ever. Companies offering repair services are also doing well. If you have a passion for fitness, starting a fitness equipment business is the right move. Living a healthy active lifestyle is growing in popularity and isn’t going away any time soon.

Coffee, Tea, or Alcohol Subscriptionssuccessful business

The pandemic is forcing many people to work from home. Those who would pick up their favorite cup of joe on the way to work have to start brewing their favorite coffee from home.

With the safer-at-home orders in effect in most states, people found ordering necessities online a safer way to shop.

This prompted many coffee roasters, wineries, and breweries to start subscriptions. Coffee, wine, and beer businesses offering subscriptions are fast becoming successful companies.

Subscriptions allow customers to pick their favorite types of coffees, teas, or beers and receive a new box every week or every month. It’s so easy that they don’t need to regularly place orders.

Do you like coffee, beer, wine, or something else entirely? Start a subscription company to hook your customers up with their favorite food and drink.

Masks for Fashion

A great opportunistic business that’s doing well is face mask companies. Particularly those who offer comfortable, fashionable, and reusable face masks.

The CDC recommends wearing a mask to keep others safe and help flatten the curve. Not everyone wants to wear an uncomfortable, ugly, and single-use mask.

Companies in the fashionable mask industry are thriving. With many schools and large enterprises requiring everyone to wear a mask, it’s unlikely demand is going to fall anytime soon.

CybersecuritySuccessful Companies

As mentioned above, people are relying heavily on computers and technology to work, video chat, and order goods. While most businesses and schools are benefitting from this, a few malicious individuals are also starting to benefit.

Cybersecurity is a constant issue for anyone using the internet. Businesses and customers need to be careful when using the internet for shopping and work. They must ensure their computers, websites, and software are safe from hackers and malicious bugs.

Cybersecurity businesses are growing. Businesses are more willing than before to invest in quality cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is one of the best industries to start right now.

Delivery ServicesSuccessful Companies

The delivery service industry has been steadily growing prior to the pandemic. During the peak of the pandemic, the demand for delivery was so high many businesses could barely keep up.

Even though businesses are slowly opening up for in-person dining and shopping, many people prefer delivery. Companies in the delivery service industry are booming. If you want a fun business that’s not going out of style any time soon, a delivery service company is a way to go.

Start a Successful Business

There’s no doubt the pandemic caused many businesses to close their doors. There are, however, many successful companies and industries thriving amid the pandemic.

With a little creativity and knowledge of what’s doing well, you, too, can start a new successful business during the pandemic. Want to learn more great business tips? Check out our latest Business articles to stay up-to-date on the latest business trends.

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