Planning a Corporate Party? Make it a Success with These Planning Tips

Written By Alla Levin
July 09, 2020
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Planning a Corporate Party? Make it a Success with These Planning Tips

Have you ever planned an event before? If this is your first time at the helm of a corporate event, then you’re going to need plenty of help and support.

With so many factors to consider, areas to organize, ideas to dissect, and things to remember, it’s important that you start planning as soon as possible and get the event rolling.

If you’ve volunteered or you’ve been selected to organize a corporate event for your employer, plan a company party or Christmas get-together – this could be your chance to shine.

An event that goes ahead without a hitch, and comes together flawlessly, will only highlight your organizational skills and help you progress in your career.

So, with this in mind, we’ve gathered some simple event planning tips that will help make your corporate party a success.

Call on free softwareevent planning app

You can make event planning incredibly easy with the right technology.

And that’s where an event planning app comes in.

You can organize everything from RSVPs to ticket sales, guest numbers invites, and more with just a few taps on your smart device.

Keeping track of your event at every stage will make breaking down your tasks into manageable pieces much more realistic and effective.

Don’t start planning your event without one.

Prioritize tasks

When time is of the essence, you must prioritize and rank your tasks in order of importance.

For example, organizing live entertainment should be ranked higher than choosing the color of the napkins.

So, give yourself deadlines for each category and stick to them rigidly.

While many aspects of your event will be regarded as important, not all of them are urgent, so take some time to figure out which is which!

Gather a team

Planning a Corporate Party

Reaching out to colleagues is always a good idea when planning a corporate event.

Someone who is good with numbers can help with the budget. If you have a colleague who is a good communicator, ask them to liaise with vendors and negotiate good prices.

Even a team of people who can help with the cleaning of the venue afterward will make your life a little easier.

You may be surprised at how many people want to help.

Decide on the type of event

Yes, it’s a corporate function. However, it will still need to be structured. Day or night? Speeches followed by a meet and greet?

What about catering? Is there a theme? Could you factor in a sit-down meal or will there be a buffet? Is it appropriate for alcohol to be served?

Is it formal or relaxed? Ask for feedback from your boss to determine the genre of the event they’re looking for and you can do the rest.

And finally, the entertainmentPlanning a Corporate Party

As an event planner, keeping guests entertained is essential.

If the entertainment is the speeches or reward and recognition of employees then you may need to organize the lighting, sound, and visual aspects of this part of the event.

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