Bicycle Accident Compensation Claim – Post Accident Checklist

Written By Alla Levin
February 11, 2021

Bicycle Accident Compensation Claim – Post Accident Checklist

Injured as a biker on the road? Find out what to do post-accident with our checklist.

If you are a biker, either on a motorbike or a pushbike, you have as much right to be on the road as anyone else does… no matter how many motorists might wish it otherwise. Bike accidents are commonplace on our roads, here in the USA, but perhaps not for the reasons you might think.

The main reason for bicycle accidents in the USA is through faults in the road surface. However, just because there was not someone from the government physically digging up the road ahead of you does not mean that they are not at fault.

Let us leave fault aside for now and turn our attention to the checklist. After your bicycle accident, there are certain things you should always do to help yourself out.

The Post-Accident Checklist for Bicycle Accident Compensation Lawsuits

If you have been injured as a bicyclist on American roads, take the following steps to ensure you give yourself the best possible chances of a successful compensation claim.

Bicycle Accident Compensation Claim: Visit the ER and Call the Police

Whether you feel that you are healthy or not, visiting a medical establishment gives you physical proof that you were injured. The record of your visit serves as a record for the judge that proclaims you were injured, at what time, and in what ways. This allows you to rely on this evidence in court if you need to go before a judge.

You should also call the police to the scene of the accident or otherwise give a statement. If you cannot do it due to your injuries, go into the precinct to comment afterward.

Hire a Lawyer

Bicycle Accident Compensation Claim

While you are waiting to be seen in the doctor’s surgery, be sure to put in a call to your accident and injury lawyer. They will help you compensate for your injury so that you are not stuck forking out the costs for your damage. If you do not have a lawyer to hand, contact Johnston Law Firm, P.C., who is skilled in handling bicycle accident claims.

Do not get your bike fixed!

Before we go any further, we need to talk about the damages done. There is a likelihood that your bike and gear will be damaged beyond repair. Every bicycle helmet should be replaced after one fall from your bike. Your bike may be mangled, twisted, or otherwise damaged – and this is all evidence. Photograph your bike to document the damage before you get it fixed.

Return to the Scene

Next, if you are physically fit enough to do so, repeat this process at the scene of the accident. If you cannot do this yourself, get your attorney to visit the location on your behalf. Take photos of everything, including any marks left on the road. Damages to road furniture or property should be photographed, and any witnesses should be sought out. If you can find someone who saw what happened, it could just make your case.

Do not Talk to the Driver at the SceneBicycle Accident Compensation Claim

Another checklist tip is that you do not talk to the driver at the scene of the accident. Ask them for their insurance details and take their number and registration, but do not admit guilt, place blame, or otherwise interact.

The same rule applies when dealing with insurance firms. You should never contact the defendant’s insurance firm by yourself but do it after you have spoken with (or in the presence of) a bicycle accident lawyer. This will protect your legal rights as well as giving you the best chances at furthering your case.

Work with your Attorney

The final step is to work with your attorney to get the compensation you ought to receive. The insurance companies are likely to refuse to pay out until they know you are serious. Also, your lawyer will have to put together a deposition to put before a judge. This all takes time and strength but hang on in there. If you were hit on the road while on your bike and it was not your fault, you will eventually get the recompense you deserve.

The Bicycle Accident Checklist

To round up then, be sure to check every action over with your attorney before you execute it. If you were not to blame and you were injured, your lawyer is your best chance at successfully recovering your losses. And you never know, the driver that hit you might kill someone next time. The amount of guilt you feel should be minimal at best.

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