How to Take the Next Step Towards Managemen

Written By Alla Levin
July 15, 2020
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How to Take the Next Step Towards Managemen

Management isn’t for everybody, and that’s fine. However, some people aren’t satisfied until they have a greater responsibility in the workplace.

What happens too often is that businesses will bring in managers from outside the company rather than promoting from within.

This can be both frustrating and demoralizing.

But you also can’t wait to be given the opportunity; you need to prove you’re ready for a more senior role.

But if you’ve never done so before, you may wonder how to take the correct steps. 

Prove That You Can Solve Problems

Problem-solving is a crucial part of management. Rather than wait around to be told what to do, you must take the initiative.

If you recognize there is something within the company that could be done better, then take steps to test and change it before presenting it to your boss.

If it makes life easier for everybody, you will become a more valuable member of the team.

Colleagues will see you as someone they can turn to in times of crisis, such as lost Internet connections, to solve the problem before taking it to a senior level. 

Pick Up the Skills You Need Engineering Management qualification

Whatever skills you currently have, they won’t do when it comes to staking your claim as someone ready for a management position.

Completing extracurricular qualifications out of work will help you to obtain the skills you need, whether it’s an Engineering Management qualification from Kettering or one of the many free management proficiency courses that you can find across the internet.

By seeking out ways to obtain these skills, you don’t just learn more, but you also demonstrate you’re willing to learn and build up your skillset. 

Volunteer for Opportunities

It’s no good just waiting around for your manager to ask you to do something or whether you would like to take on more responsibilities.

Employees with manager-potential seek out these opportunities and badger their boss for more responsibility.

Doing so is beneficial for several reasons.

For one, it allows you to ease your way into the management experience, and you can also demonstrate your leadership skills once you get the chance.

There are many ways to explore these opportunities, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

Make an Effort to Understand the Whole Company

Understanding every aspect of the company is a vital component of being considered manager material.

You may know what your role is inside out, but effective managers must recognize the importance and value of every other position in the company.

This will impress senior members of staff, and it will also help you see the company through a different lens.

There may be things you didn’t understand beforehand, but by learning more, it all starts to make sense. 

Your Next Step

Your boss and your boss’ boss wants to see someone with initiative, and even if the company has a history of external hiring for senior positions, demonstrating that you are ready for a management role should give them no choice but to consider you.

Even though management can be intimidating, these steps will help you be prepared to take on any demands. 

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