What You Learn About Yourself And Life When You Adventure At Sea

Written By Alla Levin
July 16, 2020
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What Learn About Yourself And Life When You Adventure At Sea

Pexels – CC0 LicenseSome people say that life is an adventure, but how many people really treat it that way?

Surprisingly few of us ever go out of our way to seek excitement and thrills.

Instead, we fall back on our routine and do the same mundane and safe things every day. 

Historically, the sea was always the place you went to if you wanted to escape the drudgery of your hometown and explore the world.

People fought for the chance to sail in the merchant navy or even as roving pirates.

The sea was the best opportunity many people ever have to live their lives to the full and experience new things. 

Whenever they traveled, there was always an impending sense of danger.

Nobody knew whether they would make it back in one piece, the risks were so real.

Thus, sailors felt like they were having the time of their lives. 

Today, losing your life at sea is a rare occurrence. But it still gives you that same sense of adventure.

Once you’re out on the open ocean, it’s just you versus the waves. It’s a thrilling experience. 

So what are the benefits of adventuring at sea?  Let’s take a look at why people love it so much. 

It Forces You To Rely On Yourself

When you’re out at sea, you’re on your own in a vast wilderness. People think of the deserts of the mountains as the most remote places on Earth.

But a quick glance at the map tells you that it’s the ocean.

If you sail the southern seas, you can be thousands of miles from the nearest person or ship. The place is utterly deserted. 

Relying on yourself is the essence of adventure. You have to deploy your guile and cunning to survive.

You can’t rely on a tour guide or the resources of other people. Sailing lets you return to nature and experience the authentic primordial condition of man.

You’re on your own, versus the elements. 

You Get To Know Your Limitations And Weaknessespush up against the limits of your endurance.

In regular life, you rarely push up against the limits of your endurance.

But when you face-off against the open ocean, you soon discover what you’re capable of.

Lousy weather and big waves are a constant source of challenge. 

Sailing offers you a process of self-discovery. You find out what you’re capable of and, often, that you’re much stronger than you imagined. 

Adventure At Sea: You Appreciate Your Equipmentmarine junkyards for replacement parts at sea

We often go through life, unaware of how the myriad ways in which the modern world makes our lives better. But when you’re on a boat, you need the thing to work.

There are no marine junkyards for replacement parts at sea.

Your vessel has to work according to specifications. Otherwise, you’re in trouble. 

Therefore, sailors spend a significant amount of time ensuring that their boats are seaworthy before taking them out on the water.

They also learn all the peculiarities of how the engine works and what the warning lights mean. Everything has to be shipshape before sailing begins. 

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