Small Business Paperwork Optimization
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Small Business Paperwork Optimization with Ready PDF Forms

Owners of small and medium enterprises often face a problem of limited resources.

They cannot hire more people or incur more expenses, but they still need to have certain work done.

The same applies to individuals, who may have to prepare papers such as a two-weeks’ notice template or a personal balance sheet template.

This is where ready-made IT solutions can come handy, in order to optimize paperwork with pdf templates.

In fact, there are plenty of free business form templates.

It would be a waste not to use them!

What Paperwork Can Be Automated

Although areas such as content creation, decision making, and auditing require a high level of human involvement, there are some routine jobs that apps can take care of (e.g. Lumin PDF with its pdf templates).

The following tasks can be automated with the help of pdf form templates:

 Administrative tasksbalance sheet template

    •  Files backups – solutions like Dropbox remove the need to double-save pdf forms on corporate servers
    •  Calendar sharing – if you mark your availability and share with colleagues, they won’t waste time figuring this out when they want to schedule a meeting
    •  Email signatures – did you know that you can save a signature in your typical emails that you send to clients for the first contact, follow up, or proposals?
    •  Online forms – there are plenty of programs from web browsers to specific apps that can save and fill in online forms and sample pdf form templates (e.g. address, name, company, contact info) automatically
    •  Business card scanner – OCR technologies can help remove a lot of manual data entry work, all you need is a smartphone and an app

 Financial tasks

    •  Collection – you can set up follow up emails to clients regarding unpaid invoices after a certain number of days, and plan ahead when to fill in your simple balance sheet template
    •  Payroll – there are plenty of online tools that integrate things like taxes, social contributions, bonuses, vacation leave, and other considerations, to prepare automated payslips as modifiable pdf form templates
    •  Balance sheet template – there are standard types and forms, which can be to a great part pre-filled in for removing a big chunk of the accountant’s routine
    •  Paying bills – many banks give an option to set up automated bill payments, which can be done for fixed-cost things such as rent, equipment in the lease, etc.
    •  Activities reporting – you can set a monthly or daily limit of expenses and receive notifications whenever it is exceeded, thus taking better control over the company’s assets without checking the balance all the time

Small Business Paperwork Optimization with Ready Pdf FormsSmall Business Paperwork Optimization with Ready Pdf Forms

Lumin PDF, a 360-degree solution for organizing personal and business paperwork, offers a lot of free business form templates for any occasion.

There are forms for education, personal life, work, or business purposes. All of them are easily modifiable with the Lumin PDF editing tools.

Among them, you can find sample pdf form templates such as:

  •  Letters (Offer Letter, To Whom It May Concern Letter, Scholarship Thank You Letter, Graduation Invitation Letter, Two Weeks Notice Template, etc.)
  •  Contracts (Loan Contract, Letter of Intent, NDA Agreement, etc.)
  •  Financial documents (Income Statement, Purchase Order, Personal Balance Sheet Template, Inventory Sheet, Profit, and Loss Statement, etc.)
  •  HR papers (Resume, Employee Disciplinary Action Form, Employee Evaluation Form)

Using free business form templates online can save tons of time and money (e.g. imagine you had to ask a lawyer to draft your agreement or an accountant to prepare your personal balance sheet template!).

Balance Sheet Template

A balance sheet is a document that sums up a company’s or an individual’s earnings and expenses for a specific period of time.

In more professional language, income is ‘assets’ while payments to third parties are ‘liabilities’.

The final result of these calculations is called ‘equity’, and it represents the utmost net value after having deducted all expenses.

There are some free business form templates online to the balance sheet.

Lumin PDF has a balance sheet template that simplifies and automates the calculation of the equity.

Its simple balance sheet template provides numerous advantages compared to old-school Excel accounting:

  •  Smart business form templates that guide the accountant and prevent from the human error
  •  Fully modifiable PDF forms
  •  Pre-filled in a selection of accounting categories for assets and liabilities as part of a balance sheet template
  •  Inviting colleagues for shared viewing and editing
  •  Instant printing
  •  Letterhead/stamp option to brand the balance sheet template
  •  Calculation of the equity based on the input data
  •  Possibility to leave comments and annotations – perfect for getting a senior accountant’s review!
  •  Automated data backup of pdf forms and synchronization with Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud backup options
  •  Possibility to put a signature or otherwise verify the document, if there is a need to present it to the official bodies

Small Business Paperwork Optimization: Final TakeawaysSmall Business Paperwork Optimization

In the modern world, there are so many automation and integrations that businesses do not have to hire a lot of people to have the job done.

This is especially true for the administrative and financial tasks such as data entry, accounting, appointment management, invoice reconciliation, payroll, and others.

Business form templates and various downloadable pdf forms are sufficient to deal with the majority of these tasks.

Filling in a personal balance sheet template or a balance sheet template for a small company is now something that even a non-accountant can do.

It is enough to simply find and edit the respective form provided for free by Lumin PDF.

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