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Can You Play Online Casino Games On PS5 Or Xbox Series X?

The next generation of console gaming is nearly upon us. Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5, a console that looks set to continue its dominance of the gaming landscape.

Microsoft isn’t resting on its laurels, though; the Xbox Series X is the most powerful machine the company has yet produced.

Every indication points to the fact that the next generation of gaming is going to be the most technically accomplished and exciting one yet, so it’s a great time to be a gamer.

From software libraries to backward compatibility and online multiplayer, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X looks set to deliver a peerless gaming experience to fans.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

While we don’t know exactly what software the two consoles will come bundled with, we can expect a number of mainstays to appear on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

We know that the Series X will definitely support apps like Netflix and Disney+, while Sony pointed to Netflix as an exemplar for how easy loading games on the PlayStation 5 should be.

With that in mind, we can definitely expect to see apps for the major streaming services appearing on both platforms.

What about the humble web browser, though? On both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, there’s a web browser that allows you to browse the internet as well as windowing out of games to check your favorite websites.

One question burns: will the PS5 or Xbox Series X allow you to play online casino games?

First, let’s take a look at the rise of online casino gaming and why you should care about it (if you don’t already, of course).

Online casino gaming has been growing ever more popular since the advent of the internet, with the first online casino popping up in the mid-90s.

Since then, the industry has gone from strength to strength. It’s not just online casino gaming, though; sports betting has also been taking off in a big way and is making some serious profit for those who are involved with it.

If you’re interested in this pastime and you’re scratching your head as to an appropriate starting point, recommends Spin Sports.

You can check out that site right now from your PS4 or Xbox One!

The question remains, though, as to whether or not you’ll be able to do so from the new PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The short answer is as follows: it depends. The long answer is more complex and based on more factors.

We still don’t know a lot about the PS5 or Xbox Series X; we know their internal specifications and a fair few of the games that will be launching with both platforms, but we still don’t know exactly what we’ll be looking at when we power up the machine out of the box.

There’s no guarantee either console will actually come with a web browser, after all, although this feature has been a mainstay since the PlayStation 3 days.

Xbox Series XXbox Series X

If the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X don’t come with web browsers, then there won’t be any way to play in-browser online casino games or to indulge in some sports betting from either console. That’d be a great loss, and we think that both Sony and Microsoft will understand the importance of including this seemingly innocuous yet pivotal feature.

The PlayStation 4 has many features that lots of its users may not know about, and one of these features is certainly the web browser; removing it would be a shame, as it’s easy to tab out of a game and check a guide or look for a video before returning to the game. The same applies to the Xbox One.

It’s likely that there will at least be some sort of web browser functionality included with both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, however.

Implementing a web browser likely wouldn’t take up too much development time; a lightweight browser that doesn’t take up too many resources wouldn’t be hard to develop and would be a boon for consoles that regularly require users to check lengthy password processes or independent launchers for certain games.

If the PS5 and Xbox Series X include web browsers, then they’ll very likely support online casino gaming and sports betting, so you can indulge in some slots or some poker or check out your favorite team’s latest game right from your console.

Of course, there is another potential barrier here: if the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X web browsers don’t support the HTML5 protocol, then online casino gaming will likely be impossible. Neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One built-in web browsers support the Flash plugin, which allows a lot of in-browser content to play on certain sites.

While Adobe is in the process of phasing out the Flash plugin, it actually hasn’t really been used for a long time on most sites, with many developers preferring the HTML5 protocol instead. There’s a high chance the PS5 and Xbox Series X web browsers will support HTML5 because it’s de rigueur for most websites these days.

Right now, the online casino gaming industry is focused quite heavily on the mobile space because that tends to be where most consumers enjoy casino games.

Mobile browsers usually support HTML5, whereas many of them don’t support Flash, so casino websites are already set up to support browsers that are friendly to HTML5.

All of the major web desktop browsers are HTML5-friendly, as are the vast majority of mobile browsers for pretty much any functionality you would actually need on a day-to-day basis.

The PlayStation 4 supports HTML5 through its browser, as does the Xbox One.

It’s highly unlikely that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X would backtrack on this functionality, so you will almost certainly be able to continue playing your favorite online casino games or checking up on your sports bets using both of the new consoles.

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