The Best Sports Apps For Mobile Devices

Written By Alla Levin
July 28, 2021
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The Best Sports Apps For Mobile Devices

Sports events don’t wait on us, and it’s quite the opposite. Sports are going to happen whether or not we’re around to watch – unfortunately, and we can’t always be sat in front of the television. Life happens.

On a brighter note, the age of mobile technology has brought in mediums through which we could keep up-to-date with our favorite sports while we’re on the go, including those for fans looking to dabble in online sports betting, with daily betting advice from experts.

There are several sports apps out there that can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS. Mobile sports apps are among the most common worldwide, yet they’re not created equal. Here’s a list of the best ones available.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is one of the most popular sports outlets out there, and their app is also pretty impressive. It allows you to follow all of your favorite sports, from soccer to esports, so you don’t have to miss a single development.

It’s among the fastest apps for breaking news and scores, and you could find all of your favorites in one place, so there’s not much searching to do. You can also bookmark stories and follow your favorite writers.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is another great, free sports app one could download for either Android or iOS. The platform offers news and pertinent information on teams in various leagues. Users can also watch MLB and NHL games with no subscription.

This app provides enhanced coverage of all major soccer leagues, as well as real-time updates on your favorite teams. The interface is neat and easy to use, while content can be brought up with the app’s enhanced search function.


Another one of the most popular sports out there, theScore covers just about every mainstream sport out, providing updates, news, and expert analysis. You could also incorporate your team’s schedule into your phone’s calendar through the app. It offers a personalized news feed with a real-time scoreboard for your favorite sports. There’s also a nifty group chat option as well as a social media sharing capability.

CBS SportsCBS Sports

CBS Sports is highly recommended, and folks who use it have access to real-time scores, stats, analytics, and other perks. You could also take advantage of live streaming for events such as NCAA basketball games and the PGA Tour. The app also has a portal to CBS Sports Radio for live broadcasts and with daily betting advice from experts.

Sports apps for mobile devices: SofaScore

SofaScore provides top live coverage of around 25 different sports. But one of its biggest features is its capability to run in tandem with Android smartwatches and stream a short video after a notable event such as a goal. The application offers a chat option so fans can connect, while quizzes are also available. You could get more out of SofaScore with Android, but it’s also available on iOS. 


LiveScore has been in the game since 1998, providing real-time scores for sports such as soccer, football, basketball, tennis, and hockey. What makes it stand out is the fact that you could get live commentary. Another great feature is the pitch view that follows the track of the ball.

BBC SportBBC Sport

BBC is, of course, one of the biggest networks in the world. The British outlet offers extensive sports coverage. Apart from their BBC+ app, which could be considered a smaller version of Netflix that also streams live sports, the BBC also has a great sports app for mobile devices.

The app provides game highlights, live score updates, and breaking news. It’s since undergone some changes in terms of privacy protocol to keep user information secure. Users could set up a My Sport page for personalized content and share content via other platforms.


Fans could get updated on around 10 sports with the 365Scores app, with live scores, stats, player information, videos, and schedules all available therein. The app has a football trivia game that keeps users engaged, and the player heat map feature is also pretty cool.

MSN Sports

MSN sports is also great for in-game updates and scores. The app covers over 150 sports leagues, and users can follow thousands of teams with a single click, which comes as no surprise as it’s a product of Microsoft.

Sports apps for mobile devices: The Athletic

The Athletic has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable sources on the internet for sports. They provide exclusive content, as well as breaking news scores. The downside here is it’s not completely free. Users have to pay $60 a year to enjoy everything The Athletic offers, but they still deserve mention because of all of the inside information they provide. If you pay attention, though, you’re likely to snag a subscription at just $1.00 a month as promotions come around fairly often.

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