How to Arrange the Furniture When Moving to a New Space

Written By Alla Levin
July 30, 2020

How to Arrange the Furniture When Moving to a New Space

Moving to a new space is exciting for a lot of people, with one of the reasons being the new settings and some new furniture.

This is a great way to start all over and apply some of the best organizing and decorating tips you have up your sleeves.

However, it doesn’t come that easy, as research has shown how stressful it is to move apartments.

Some have claimed that it is more stressful than a relationship breakup or a divorce while some others claim it is more stressful than having a child.

This makes it easily one of the most stressful life events. 

Despite the stress that comes with moving into a new home, how can one still manage to arrange their furniture in a way that is pleasing to the eyes while also meeting their expectations?

We have compiled a simple guide to help you arrange your furniture in a new space.

Evaluate the New Spacemoving into a new home

The first thing you want to do is to assess the space you are moving into. What does the shape look like? How spacious is it? And what kind of furniture do you think would fit in best?

Think of the relevant questions and also check out the space to evaluate it before getting started with the arrangements.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. Clear the Space

Clearing the space will help you see what exactly it looks like, especially the size and shape.

So, you have to clear it as much as you can and remove all the boxes or any other thing lying around. Preferably, the space evaluation should be done before you move your luggage, to help you plan better. 

2. Decide the Purpose of Each Room

Check out all the rooms that are available and decide what you would need each for. Choose the living room, bedroom, playroom, and study room.

If it is an office space, decide the office of the director, secretary, and every other staff, according to the hierarchy. This could be based on the size of the space and its location.

If you have any room that would serve a dual purpose, you can also point them out, as they might require more furniture.

For example, a room that serves as both bedroom and study room might need a little demarcation and more necessary furniture compared to other rooms.

3. Look for Focal Points

The focal point of a room is where the eyes are likely to travel to first. It could be the large window space or the fireplace.

This could help you center the arrangement of your furniture appropriately.

Choose Your Furniture RightChoose Your Furniture Right

Your choice of furniture also plays a huge role in the perfect arrangement of your space.

Start by identifying the non-negotiable furniture that you must have and then proceed to choose the perfect furniture that fits your space.

Most people today opt for Italian furniture, such as the room service 360°, due to the maximum quality and aesthetical innovation they are known for in Italy.

This also extends to the quality of their furniture over centuries. However, while choosing, here are some of the things to consider:

1. Start with the Vibe

You probably already have an idea of what you want your space to look and feel like by now.

Ride with that to narrow down your design options and get things going quickly.

This will also help you decide the kind of furniture you are looking to get and the color you would rather opt for.

2. Build Around the Focal Point

Since you already figured out what the focal point is from the first stage, you can start building around it.

For example, you wouldn’t want to put the fireplace in the wrong place where it will not be seen or add to the room aesthetics.

3. Play with Colors

The color of your furniture can change everything in the arrangement of your space. It’s always best to opt for a color that blends in with the color of your walls.

This also depends on your style; if you are a minimalist, you wouldn’t go for flashy colors but you can play around with colors if you love them.

4. Consider Fabrics

Fabric textures should be chosen carefully, especially for your couch, as you would spend a lot of time on them.

You can opt for the popular leather fabric, as it is easy to style and easily blends with other patterns used to decorate the house.

It is also comfortable on the skin, which is what most people look out for. 

Use Furniture Placement ToolsHow to Arrange the Furniture

There are free tools online to help you with this arrangement, such as the Armstrong Design-A-Room, BH&G Arrange-A-Room, and the Floor Planner.

These tools will help you create models to experiment with what your new space would look like before applying it in real-time.

How to Arrange the Furniture: The Bottom Line

There are other popular tips to guide you, such as not placing all the furniture against the walls and also try to balance the use of colors and patterns to ensure that everything blends in.

With the right tips applied, you can have the perfect furniture arrangement in your new space.

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