Why Small Businesses Love Facebook

Written By Alla Levin
August 01, 2020

Why Small Businesses Love Facebook

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms still in use today.  Created back in 2004, it’s been going strong for the past 16 years, and it looks to still be strong for the next decade at the very least.

And when it comes to being a small business trying to put their social media marketing plan together, Facebook is a tool unlike any other. A lot of businesses are buying Facebook likes, to learn more you can read about the 17 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers, Likes & Views (2020) – Quantum Marketer.

But why, exactly? Why is Facebook so powerful for a small business like yours?  Well, if you haven’t already explored all of the features Facebook can offer you with a standard business page, here is a little more detail to tip you in its favor. 

Facebook Doesn’t Care About Sizesocial media marketing plan together

When it comes to achieving success on the platform, Facebook accommodates for businesses of all sizes.

After all, it’s a wide-ranging platform, with billions of users, all with their own timeline, interests, and likes. And when it comes to finding an audience, it doesn’t matter if you’re already established or not. 

With businesses of only 10 or fewer employees, Facebook is an incredible ad platform – upwards of 10 million SMBs can be found on the site. Facebook themselves like to highlight this, and even have regular ‘Success Stories’ published that feature small business that has made it big via their Facebook marketing efforts.

Facebook Has a Lot of Representation

Facebook allows a small business to find success, no matter what industry they’re working in.  Of course, it can be hard to work out your niche and find out where your customers are, but it’s still a representative platform that allows you to post as and when you need to. 

So, Facebook is representative – there are thousands of different sectors using the platform to boost their engagement, and it’s the very first place a lot of companies will land in order to create an online presence.

And with plenty of support from dappergoat.com and other such marketing companies that specialize in social media, your Facebook ads could really show off your specialty in your niche, as well as target the audience you need to. 

Facebook Has a Lot Going on

And finally, Facebook is always in use. There are at least 400 accounts created per minute on Facebook, and almost $12,000 in click conversions occur every 60 seconds. Capitalizing on this is key for small businesses, and these stats are hard to match by other social media websites, such as Twitter or Instagram.

Indeed, even the Facebook buttons that link websites and blogs to a Facebook account are clicked over 15 million times per minute, so even just linking to your account via other online pursuits could work wonders in your favor. 

Small businesses love Facebook, and for very good reasons.

After all, it’s a big platform, with space for everyone, and advertising via Facebook is one of the best ways to get a company or a brand off of the ground. So focus on Facebook for now! 

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