5* Hospitality – Going The Extra Mile For Guests

Written By Alla Levin
August 04, 2020

5* Hospitality – Going The Extra Mile For Guests

In the hospitality industry, a positive experience is a must.  If you’re not getting those 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, things could end up looking bleak for your business – especially if there’s a lot of competition nearby.

Providing a five-star experience for guests is something that all hotels should do and can make the difference between an average or extraordinary day for those you welcome through your doors. Having a certificate IV government funded courses – is definitely what can help you to gain exceptional trust for your business.

So how can you go the extra mile for guests? Here are some suggestions. 

Make comfort a priority

Comfort is something everyone seeks when they visit a hotel. Whether for a vacation or a business trip, a hotel stay should be a home away from home, or even better!  You can put a lot of effort into providing comfy bedding that helps your guests get a good night’s sleep.

The bedding is one of the first things guests will inspect, so it’s important to make sure everything is spotless. Regular dryer vent cleaning can help you maintain clean, crisp sheets that your guests will love.

Why not add a touch of something extra with some essential oils designed to help guests relax and unwind?

Add personal touches where possible

People always appreciate a personal touch when they stay away from home. It shows that the hotel cares despite the hundreds walking through the doors each day. From a welcome gift to a handwritten card wishing guests a pleasant stay – it’s these little touches that will help them form a good impression of your business.

The personal touch shouldn’t start when your guests arrive; you can even add a personal touch online to help guests make a more personal connection with you.

Make your restaurant a must-visit destination5 Hospitality

Being able to eat at a hotel is a big perk for guests – it means they haven’t got to travel anywhere else if they don’t wish. But this is only desirable if the food is good, and putting a lot of effort into your food and restaurant decor can help build up your hotel’s reputation and provide an exceptional experience for your guests.

Take a look at some must-haves for running a restaurant that will help give guests that complete five-star experience.

5* Hospitality: Deal with problems quickly, kindly, and effectively

Not everything will run all of the time smoothly; that’s a fact of life! And as everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences, you can guarantee you’ll encounter issues with your guests from time to time.

The way you handle a problem can make the difference between a bad review and a good review, so you should aim to deal with problems quickly, kindly, and effectively.  Most issues can be resolved easily, and a token gesture such as a free drink or breakfast can help smooth things over that little more to make a guest feel as though they’ve had a positive experience.

Running a hotel is a competitive business, but the better the experience you can provide for guests, the better your reviews will be. Finding ongoing ways to improve the services you offer will make your hotel a must-visit destination, bringing guests back through your doors again and again.

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