Key Role Of Car Accident Attorneys In Los Angeles

Written By Alla Levin
October 28, 2021

Key Role Of Car Accident Attorneys In Los Angeles

Car accidents in LA are not rare and can be incredibly painful to deal with for everyone involved. They are unforeseen, unfortunate incidents that can cause financial losses, traumatic injuries, and physical as well as psychological pain.

It is imperative for victims of car crashes to employ the services of a reliable Los Angeles car accident lawyer in such instances. They can tell you how important it is for a professional like them to survey the accident scene as quickly as possible. It will help them make a sound case and claim for just compensation on your behalf. Below are some critical points to help you understand the vital role such lawyers play in accident cases and why you should consider hiring one.

The severity of the injuries

As per the latest statistics, there were over three-thousand-seven-hundred motor vehicle-related deaths in California in 2020, with LA accounting for around two-hundred and thirty of them. And the leading causes for these happen to be drunk driving, speeding, and a general disregard for traffic rules. If you happen to be in a motor vehicle accident where a drunk driver hit you, you have the right to demand compensation.

An accident lawyer in the city will gauge the severity of your injuries, the extent of financial damage, and the estimated medical costs, among other things. The most severe injuries in accident cases typically include bone fractures, whiplash, sensory loss, spinal cord damage, loss of limbs, brain and head injury, etc. Your attorney can fight your case and get you a justified amount of compensation to make the recovery process more manageable.

Car Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles: The statute of limitationsCar Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Like every other US state, California has a statute of limitation in place that specifies a time frame within which a car accident should be filed. If it is a personal injury claim from a motor vehicle accident, you must file it within two years of the incident. In an accident involving a government entity (local, state, or Federal), the limitation is six months.

If you do not file a case within the stipulated time, your case will be forever barred from reaching the courts. That’s why it is key to hire an accident attorney at the earliest.

What is a fair percentage for the lawyer to take?

Almost all accident lawyers in LA take cases on a contingent basis. This means that the fee you will pay your Los Angeles car accident lawyer is contingent on the compensation or award you get. So, if you do not make anything, your lawyer will not be paid either. But if you do receive a settlement amount, your lawyer will be entitled to a percentage of it.

Typically, an LA accident attorney will charge approximately 33% of the total compensation amount. Often, a lawyer may settle for a lesser amount, especially if the case was settled without ever actually being filed in court. Conversely, this amount may increase if the lawsuit is complicated and goes all the way to the court.

Therefore, lawyers will decide upon the exact percentage even before taking the case so that their clients are not inconvenienced later on. Moreover, their initial consultation is free, allowing them to carefully assess the facts of your case and decide if it can go to court.

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