Automation Of Manual Processes
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The Benefits Of Automation Of Manual Processes

Automation of manual processes. As someone who has successfully run and owned 2 businesses, I know all too well how important it is to make systems of operations and implementations of procedures as efficient as possible.

Staff will always look for the easy way out, the lazy way, or if they can skip a step to get the job done quicker they will do it. In some instances, not every single step or point may be necessary to execute I understand this, but most of the time they have been put into place for a reason.

All the links in the chain have to be working effectively to have not only a strong team, a support system you can trust, but to prevent future accidents due to breezing through the checklist.

You don’t have to be a computer geek either to have a smoothly operating system working for you nor do you need to remortgage your house to afford one being put in, you do however have to do some research to ensure you are getting what is best suited to the needs of your business and brand.

If this is something you have been considering but daunted by the technical jargon being thrown around not sure how to begin or how it even all works.

Take that well-deserved tea break and check out Catalytic for an interesting read on the process and methods involved when it comes to managing the way things are run in your firm.

This is your dream that has become a reality, don’t let slack staff or manual paperwork processing that can be done digitally take up unnecessary time, your employees have been hired for a reason, use their skills to your advantage in other areas of the office.

Automation Of Manual Processes: Understanding AutomationUnderstanding Automation

It only makes sense to know what you’re getting yourself into by doing your homework and a bit of research before you begin.

When we hear automation people immediately tend to think of robots or AI, and to be fair we are not far off that being the go-to option, but until then we will stick to the ‘somewhat’ old-school method.

Automation essentially means that jobs and processes are activated or completed with as little to no human intervention and assistance, a more technically advanced description can be read here and knowing human error can be ruled out also gives us a degree of peace of mind and less weight on our shoulders.

The less hungover employees operating machinery the better, am I right?

Advantages of Automation Over the Manual

  • Not so much as something to overcome but rather to avoid. Not waiting for paperwork to be completed or written up by a manager who isn’t feeling well, or a power failure where all copy machines are down and you need the documentation like yesterday. When items are uploaded they are easily accessible from most devices.
  • When a consumer understands and sees that the technical side of things is going well without hiccups they feel and remain confident in your abilities as a business, your communication is quicker and more efficient should any problems arise and any problems can be dealt with, managed, and sorted in quick turn-around time.
  • Deadlines are easily met and kept to with automated calendars and notifications, no more fumbling for your diary at the bottom of your bag with scribbles of notes you don’t remember taking. A quick click to the notice board on your work platform and you can see what order is at which stage and estimated completion date.

Many people will have their opinions on the matter, and for both sides of the discussion, see their viewpoints in this link and conclude for yourself where you stand. Seeing things from only one side leaves you at a disadvantage as well as unsure on your information, keep up to date.

  • This was always an issue for my husband and me with our staff, they would sit for hours writing out invoices or bills for customers, a small investment in a new model POS system and suddenly they didn’t know what to do with their time. Things get done quicker and you can focus on more tedious tasks that require quality effort.

No matter the reason to get up to date operating systems, at least make the work lighter for yourself, life is hard enough as it is without having to work physically harder.

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