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Multitasking Tips To Make Work-At-Home Day Super Efficient

Sure, it would be great to have ample time in the day to take as much time as you would like to complete every task. But, in our busy world, it just isn’t possible much of the time. Multitasking is great for some things but doesn’t mesh well with others.

Read on for seven tips to help you multitask in a way that detracts less from the tasks at hand, plus learn when to abandon multitasking altogether and give something (or someone) your full attention.

Multitasking tips: pair physical activity with a mental one

This is rule #1 for trying to figure out when to multitask. Try to put a boring and easy physical activity like walking across campus or taking a shower together with a mental one like listening to a podcast or thinking about a solution to a problem at work. By ensuring that the physical task doesn’t take a lot of thinking and choosing a mental task to go along with it, you can get much more done in your day.

Reclaim those boring unitasker momentsWork-At-Home Day Super Efficient

A lot of things need to get done during the day, and a lot of them are repetitive, boring, and aren’t super productive. Brushing your teeth? Use the other hand to tidy up the bathroom counter. Microwaving lunch?  Clean off those dishes in the sink before the timer dings.

These typically wasted seconds and minutes tend to be throw-aways but be inventive, and you will find you can knock out a few extra things during these spare moments.

Pair together errands to make trips out less often

Working from home makes it easier for you to run those errands as you likely have the flexibility to pop out for a little while during the day. And while this is great, if you are popping out for a little errand or two every day, this can sap productivity. Choose a day during the week to add together all of your chores so that you can take one longish trip out instead of 5 tiny ones.

Grab the dry cleaning and pop by the pharmacy while grocery shopping. This one trip will be more extended, but you will save time overall in your week and have fewer distractions day-to-day.

To maximize your time even more, move as many errands online as possible, like using an online telemedicine visit to get that skin issue checked out or paying a few bucks extra to have your groceries delivered.

Do something else while you are working outonline telemedicine visit

Working out regularly is a necessary yet sometimes hated part of our lives. But, when you bite the bullet and put in the time at the gym or get that cardio in outside, you will find that your mind may be especially active during your workout sessions. Capitalize on this increased energy and blood flow and mix in something mental to the mix.

Take that meeting while you are speedwalking, listen to a podcast on that new skill you want to master, do 20 minutes on that language learning app while on a stationary bike, or even mull over that thing at work and record your ideas into your phone to flesh out later. You may find that your workouts are now your favorite time with the increased productivity and creativity you find.

Make relaxed TV time casually productive

Giving yourself time to relax and unwind is necessary to keep yourself sane and well-rounded. But, if you struggle to fully relax because your to-do list is swirling around your head, adding in a few chill tasks in front of the television may be a good idea.

Pop on your favorite show and then fold that laundry or organize that junk drawer during this semi-downtime.  Time will fly, and if done regularly, you will be surprised how many of those easy tasks are taken care of.

Never leave a room empty-handed

This one should go for everyone in the house, and it works wonders for keeping clutter at bay.  Every time you are going into a different room, grab one or two things that need to be put away, thrown away, or washed.

You will likely find that you are constantly walking around your home, and something just as simple as grabbing one thing and taking care of it will significantly reduce your overall house cleaning.

Multitasking tips: know when NOT to multitask

As you now know, multitasking can be a lifesaver when maxing out your productivity. But, some essential things need to be left as unitasker moments. This includes times when you can’t risk your attention wandering, like driving or crossing a busy street. These tasks also include when you are trying to spend quality time with friends and family or trying to communicate with a coworker.

People take priority, and an interaction can go south or be ineffective pretty quickly when you are sharing your focus with your phone, computer, or other mental activity. Have strict cut-off times for work so that your family time takes the forefront, and put down all distractions when talking with a coworker or boss on work-related issues.

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