How Teaching May Change In The Covid Era

Written By Alla Levin
September 02, 2020
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How Teaching May Change In The COVID Era

It’s such a shame that people are missing out on their holidays, and the general enjoyment of life. But it’s even sadder that kids are missing out on their education. This is why so many schools have been working around the clock to find a solution to the challenges they face. But, the world needs to rethink how we teach. Covid-19 has brought new awareness to the education industry and how we learn and how we use technology to help us.

Thankfully, practices are also being changed and we’re seeing a new way of teaching rise out of the ashes of the virus.

Remote teaching

Proving to be quite a success is remote teaching. Teachers, pupils, and parents can use LanSchool cloud-based school software for on-premise or distance learning.

This is a software that is easy to use and allows for such things as screen sharing. So you can show the teacher what you’re doing and working on, and they can in turn share their response through a digital whiteboard like they would in a normal classroom.

Whether you have children, or perhaps are a student learning at a university, you can utilize this software to take notes and do your work. The great thing is, teachers, can hold classes from home and that means that they can teach classes more often. They don’t need to travel to school and neither do their pupils and students.

Teaching skills

In the era of Zoom and multiple technology platforms for people to share their skills, perhaps now is the time to learn something that you always wanted to know more about. Artists that work freelance, can give their lessons via Zoom, showing how to make brush strokes.

The fantastic software allows you to use multiple portable cameras. So you can fit several GoPros around your studio, and show how your work forms from several different angles. Helping clients withholding their paintbrushes, pencils, and understanding different shading and drawing techniques has never been easier. Having conference call software has made it easier to hold classes as a freelancer.

If you’re teaching accounting, for example, you can teach multiple clients and have a good session where everyone can talk about ideas and ask you questions, listening, and learning. 

How Teaching May Change: More interactivenew way of teaching rise

Thanks to the latest technology being so easy to understand and use, perhaps more of it will be used in classrooms from now on? Since learning is becoming more interactive, maybe teachers will begin to utilize technology to hold classes on the weekend for those that are very keen?

Summer school might become more popular in the future because it’s so easy to share online and hang out with your classmates? We may find that learning becomes a much more interactive experience and a way to communicate in different ways, thanks to the situation that we’re experiencing right now. We will never forget this COVID-19 era. It has put many people through hell and least not of all, the children whose teaching is so vital for their future. 

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