The History of Nursing

Written By Alla Levin
July 08, 2020
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Infographic: The History of Nursing

A lot has changed when looking back on our history, and one area of that is the history of nursing. As of 2020, we’ve seen just how important our healthcare services are around the world and what they do to ensure that we are all well looked after, should we ever need them in our hour of need. A lot has happened through the years, whether it’s from the 1800s, where Florence Nightingale helped many of the wounded from the Crimean War escape death to Mary Mahoney, who changed history by becoming the first-ever black licensed nurse in the US. The people in our history are worth remembering and knowing about so that we can understand how fortunate we have become in society today.

Our health services weren’t always so advanced, and the luxuries we have today are something we should always be appreciative of. There have been some really important turning points and highlights when it comes to nursing in history that are worth learning about.

Marymount University has recently published an infographic, showcasing the incredible work that has been nursing in the last 170 years. It’s beneficial to know who shaped the healthcare services we’re provided with today and who pioneered those changes.

In a time where they may have faced oppression for the color of their skin or fear for their own lives, they were relentless in their desire to help others and to be the force for good. Be sure to check it out and learn all about these incredible individuals.

The History of Nursing

Infographic Design By Marymount University

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