The Value Of A Business Alumni Network

Written By Alla Levin
September 06, 2020
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The Value Of A Business Alumni Network

Alumni networks can be found in many different walks of life, and while college alumni organizations are the most well-known they are not the only type of alumni organizations that exist. A business alumni organization is an alumni organization made up of former employees of a specific origin.

What Is A Business Alumni Network?

A business alumni group like hive brite is much like one based on attending a specific college, it is focused on coworkers who, despite not working together anymore, still stay in touch and share information, advice, and experiences.

Such alumni groups offer many advantages and can have a broad reach, as PayPal shows. Many former PayPal employees have gone on to found large and well-known companies in the technology sector, many of which are industry leaders.

The Advantages Of Business Alumni NetworksThe Advantages Of Business Alumni Networks

Business alumni networks offer several advantages to not only their members but also the companies the groups represent and outside companies who may be looking to hire workers with a specific skill set and background.

Brand Ambassadors:

  • an alumni group is an excellent source of brand ambassadors and can help a company in terms of marketing both their products and their job openings. A brand ambassador app for example can be seen as having a lot of broad appeals because its users aren’t employees and what they say about the companies they used to work for is seen as their honest opinion.  


  • alumni groups are an excellent recruiting tool that many companies take advantage of. Many businesses have a good reputation and are known for quality work and the skills of the workers they employ. By being a member of an alumni group you put yourself on other companies’ radars as a potential hire and that can even include your alumni company as rehires are becoming more common.

Relevant Experience:

  • when you work for a company you have a skillset they found valuable and your former coworker likely had some of those skills as well. Their experience in many ways can be similar to your own which makes your alumni group an excellent source of useful information. Your fellow alumni can easily point to specific skills or industry trends relevant to your work history and experience that you will certainly find useful.

Growing Your Network:

  • the advantages of an alumni group extend beyond just being a known possible hire within the industry. By staying connected with former coworkers you gain knowledge about various potential job openings, general business opportunities, and news in and outside the industry itself. Networking remains a valuable tool and alumni networks can help grow your network.

Business Alumni Network: Final ThoughtsBusiness Alumni Network

Membership in a business alumni group offers many advantages and if you’re eligible is one you should consider.

Far too often jobs are treated as singular events and once you leave all the workplace relationships you made become a thing of the past.

That need not be the case and by joining a company alumni group you keep those relationships strong and can even help them grow which in turn makes your future business opportunities all the more bright.

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