Are You Ignoring Business Opportunity?

Written By Alla Levin
August 06, 2020

Are You Ignoring Business Opportunity?

Opportunities can come thick and fast in life. Who knows how they’ll turn out? Almost no one, and that’s why taking advantage of them can feel so risky and otherworldly.

It’s not that we’re suffering from lack of opportunities, rather figuring out if they’re good enough to pursue.

Some people suggest that you should take every opportunity afforded to you, and to some extent, that can be true.

But it’s also true that there are only 24 hours in a day, and that means at some point, we have to specialize.

This is also true of business. Yet there’s an added element here.

When running a business you’re mostly doing all you can to stay afloat and break-even, especially in the times of Covid-19.

Investing in future returns or risking everything you have in a bold new direction may feel like an absolute uncertainty worth taking.

Yet what if certain opportunities hold real merit? What if they can help you move forward towards a result you really need right now?

If you’re blind to opportunity when it comes knocking, you may be wanting when it leaves. So, how can opportunity in business be defined?

With the following advice, you’ll be able to answer that question:

Tender OpportunitiesTender Opportunities

Online tenders have become a fantastic new means for companies to secure contracts and bid on client orders.

This helps them keep their production cycles active, as well as ensuring work for a time.

Tenders may lead you to retrofit your production capacity for other purposes, and so it’s worth assessing just what you’re able to do.

In the heat of Covid-19’s first wave, for instance, many factories were given contracts to quickly produce masks for frontline workers.

There’s no reason why this principle cannot be effective for your own firm, too.

Hiring Experts

Consultants, experts, or simply hiring a great staff member can be a great means of adding technical efficiency and new viewpoints to your brand.

Sometimes, the hiring of a great individual to lead your team through the difficulties may be the best investment you have made in some time.

If teams are comprised of people, we must secure the best people, especially in sensitive times like these. It could be that now, while more people are looking for work than ever, you have an opportunity for you.

Marketing PotentialMarketing Potential

Your marketing potential is also important to consider. To use an example, think of Pizza Hut and its recent advertisements in the United Kingdom.

They have run an ad campaign about the power of coming together and eating pizza (convenient) during this time of worry and anguish.

Their advertisements show happy people, coming together, staying strong, and celebrating life despite the harshness.

They’ve positioned themselves as the ultimate ‘feel-good’ takeout food with this ad.

It’s important to consider that marketing is rarely isolated from the world around it, but rather serves it, and can help you. Might that be an opportunity you could use?

With this advice, you’re sure to ignore the business opportunities and move forward to the best approach.

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