Solo Travel Diaries- How To Feel Secure At An Unknown Destination

Written By Alla Levin
October 01, 2020

Solo Travel Diaries – How To Feel Secure At An Unknown Destination

If you are a travel buff, you will probably have a solo trip on your bucket list. It can be a fantastic experience, very different from traveling with your partner, family, or friends. Being on your own gives you freedom and time to introspect, something quite impossible in the humdrum of life.

While everything about such trips sounds so exciting, safety remains a concern, particularly when you plan to explore an unknown destination. So it always makes sense to be one step ahead with your planning so that you can be safe and secure even while you travel alone. Here are some ways you can do it.

Start by Researching Your Destination

A smart traveler never steps out without knowing the destination well enough. Fortunately, you need not worry about any place being unknown these days as the internet gives you all the information you need.

Do thorough research to answer safety-related questions, such as the prevailing crime rates at the destination, the legality of carrying body armor, and traveler safety stats. Have important information such as contact details of local law enforcement authorities and your country’s embassy (if going abroad) on paper.

Plan an Itinerary and Share it With a Loved OneSolo Travel

Once done with the research, planning an itinerary would be a smart move because you will probably have a fair idea about the locations you would want to visit.

Having it penned down would make you feel confident even in a strange place. Even better, share it with a loved one back home so that they would have a fair idea about your location on a specific day.

Always be Watchful

This one is a no brainer- you need to be extra watchful when you travel alone. Keep an eye on your belongings right from the time you step out of the airport. Ensure that no one is following you and do not get too friendly with unknown people.

Be sure to choose your accommodation wisely; pick one that is safe and easily accessible. Avoid going to shady places at odd hours and don’t trust taxi drivers and guides blindly. Also, be careful about what you eat and drink as you wouldn’t want anyone to intoxicate you.

Carry the Safety EssentialsCarry the Safety Essentials

Packing some safety essentials would make you feel safer and more confident when you travel solo to a destination you’ve never visited before. You don’t need to carry a weapon, but pepper spray in your bag can help in a hazardous situation.

If traveling to a dangerous place, going the extra mile with a ballistic armor would guarantee safety. But wear it discreetly so that you don’t raise red flags. Most importantly, alertness and consciousness are the best protective essentials that can help you in the most challenging situations.

Apart from following these safety precautions, make sure that you are always in touch with people back home. While your phone should still be working, share the phone number of your hotel with them. Don’t forget to have travel insurance. With proper planning and attention to safety, you will enjoy your location and make it a memorable experience.

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