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Safe Trip: Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling

Vacation and generally traveling should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience it must be a Safe Trip. But some anxious travelers have some doubts and questions in their mind, like what if I get robbed or lost or something similar.

Although sometimes our imagination can lead us to very unlikely scenarios taking some precautions while traveling will grant you peace of mind.

So, here are our 11 tips for staying safe while traveling!

Invest in a Good Travelling BagInvest in a Good Travelling Bag

Because professional pickpockets are very common in many popular tourist destinations, high-quality traveling anti-theft bags go a long way.

Having a secure anti-theft bag will save you from all the potential trouble from pickpockets and snatchers because when they see all of those locks and zippers they are simply going to give up. It’s not worth the trouble and they would likely get caught if they tried to unlock your bag.

Pickpockets like an “easy target”, something they can quickly snatch out of your hand or something they can easily maneuver with while you are not paying attention. So a good travel bag with as many locks and zippers goes a long way and saves you a lot of trouble and have a Safe Trip.

Scan Important Documents

Having your documents stolen is bad enough and it can get worse if you don’t have any kind of identification you can provide. That’s why scanning important documents can be a lifesaver.

Print out a hard copy of important documents such as your passport, driver’s license, and your ID. Keep these printed documents separate from your actual documents.

Also, you can upload copies on cloud servers like Dropbox.

Consider Travel InsuranceTravel Insurance

If you are heading somewhere abroad or are considering to travel for a while and you’re concerned with some unexpected occurrences like an injury, travel delay, stolen documentation and other unpleasant events you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance.

Travel insurance will ensure you and all of your belongings are safe and usually covers medical, dental and emergency evacuations and also protects you from canceled, interrupted or delayed flights.

Before you purchase any travel insurance make sure you thoroughly check their policy to avoid any misunderstandings.

Carry Your Items With You

Although you might think that leaving your stuff in a hotel room is a smart move, the best way to prevent items from being stolen from your room is to carry them with you. You probably already know that you shouldn’t leave your credit cards, IDs or cahs in your hotel room because the hotel staff has access to your room.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they are going to go through your stuff and that thieves are lurking on every corner but if you don’t want any trouble best be smart about this kind of stuff.

Especially when it comes to the really valuable and important stuff.

Hide Your MoneyHide Your Money

Everyone likes to feel like a king or queen on vacation and to spend money and enjoy themselves, but other people don’t need to know just how much money you exactly have.

This is generally a good tip, not just while traveling, the less you flash out your money in public the fewer chances you are going to become someone’s pickpocketing target.

Also, a good way to draw less attention is to pay everything in the local currency.

Have a Fake Wallet for safe travels

This tip can also be applied to everyday life, not just while traveling.

If you want to trick the thief if God forbid someone tries to rob you give them a fake wallet with outdated credit cards, old cash and slip a regular $20.

Because thieves are quick people they are going to take it and probably run off as soon as possible and by the time they are in a safe place, you will be long gone and they will be left with only $20.

Watch Your BackWatch Your Back

ATMs are the easiest place for thieves to get information about your credit card.

So, although this is the most convenient place to get money in the right currency especially if your debit card doesn’t change to a foreign transaction.

Be careful when drawing your money from an ATM and make sure no one is behind you closer than appropriate. If they are, ask them politely to step back.

Have an Emergency Credit Card

Safe travels – although your wallet is the safest place where you can stash all of your money and credit cards, it would be wiser to stash emergency money and credit cards in separate pockets.

Some people like wearing a money belt under their clothes, women sometimes have a bra pocket with a clip where they can hide their emergency credit card. Some women even say that having a bra pocket is extra convenient if you don’t want to carry a purse.

Pack Only What is NecessaryPack Only What is Necessary

Stuff disappears all the time, especially while you are traveling.

One minute you have your sunglasses the next minute you realize you left them in a restaurant 3 hours ago and you are already on your way to the next city or something like that.

Maybe those sunglasses weren’t particularly dear to you but it’s best advised to leave all the things you find very dear at home.

Also if you know you won’t need your laptop, for example, during your vacation, leave it at home. Pack only the things you think are absolutely necessary. Not only will you have fewer things to carry around, but you also won’t have to worry about them.

Safe Trip: Use Common Sense

Before you arrive at a new destination do all the necessary research. Research all about that city from all the places you would like to see, research about their culture, to all the places in the city that might be best to avoid.

So don’t go around dark alleys, watch your alcohol intake and just remember all the advice your mom would have given you while you are traveling abroad.

Conclusion on safe travelsConclusion on safe travels

Hopefully, these tips have given you an insight into what precautions you can take when traveling and we hope you have a blast on your vacation. Have a Safe Trip!

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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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