Solo Travel Safety Tips

Written By Alla Levin
October 03, 2020

Solo Travel Safety Tips

Whether you’re traveling for business or planning a solo trip to explore somewhere new, you might sometimes want or need to travel alone. Solo travel can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be risky. If you’re alone when you travel, you should take some precautions to stay safe while you’re away. 

Start before you leave

Research is important, as knowledge can protect you from misinformation, dangerous individuals, or accidentally going into an unsafe area. If you don’t understand the currency, for example, you can be taken advantage of. Learn what vaccinations you should have, what documents you need, which areas are unsafe, and what emergency contacts you should have, like insurance or a lawyer like Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP

Know your strengths and weaknesses

If you’re new to travel, you probably have a lot to learn. If you’ve traveled a lot, but have never traveled solo, you will different things to learn. Read about solo travel to learn what you need. 

Choose your destination carefully

We all have different ideas of where is safe. Some would never think of certain countries as safe to visit alone, whereas others feel perfectly comfortable. Make sure the safety level of your destination meets your personal travel safety needs. Check International Drivers Association and guide books and your government’s travel site for more information.

Check your government’s travel site

Most governments have information on the travel documents that you will need to travel, as well as any relevant travel warnings for the destination you’re considering. Always check before booking anything, and again before you travel in case anything changes. 

Buy travel insurance before you go

Choose a reputable insurance firm. There are some insurance providers who will let you buy insurance when you’ve left the country. However, none will help you if you try to take out an instance after something has happened that would mean you need to make a claim. Make your life simpler and safer by arranging your insurance before you go anywhere. 

Schedule your arrival during daylight hours

When most travelers arrive in a new place, the first place they go to is their hotel or hostel. It’s safest to arrive in the middle of the afternoon, so you can see what kind of area you’re staying in. A safe area will always look better in daylight. An unsafe area can be easier to spot when it’s light too. You will find it easier to find your accommodation, and still have time to change if you don’t like it or feel unsafe there. 

Solo Travel Safety Tips: Know how you will get to your hotel

The way you arrive in a new country, especially if you don’t know the language or the local transit system, is always important. Work out how you will get from the airport to your hotel, and give yourself plenty of time to do it. You’ll need time as you learn how the local system works. If your flight arrives later in the day or at night, it’s safer to avoid public transport and book a taxi instead. 

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