Making Things Easier for Business Travelers

Written By Alla Levin
September 16, 2020
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Making Things Easier for Business Travelers

Business travel is necessary for many companies.

You might have traveling employees who are on the road most of the time, or you might need to occasionally send people to certain meetings and events.

When your employees have to travel, doing what you can to reduce stress and help them do their jobs will increase productivity and improve outcomes.

It can be hard to manage business travel, especially when it comes to keeping costs down, but you can take steps to make traveling more positive for employees.

Here are some of the ways you might change business travel for your employees.

Business Travelers: Take a Look at Technology

The tech that your employees use when they’re traveling can make a huge difference to their experience.

If employees can’t stay in touch with the office or get their work done, it makes it difficult for them to be productive.

You can make sure your employees can carry their phone extensions with them using a VoIP system from

You can ensure they always have access to your cloud storage and applications so they can do their work.

Communication tools are a must if you want your traveling employees to be able to work well.

Make Expenses Easier

Many employees, especially those who work for small businesses, find that they don’t get reimbursed for their travel expenses.

Making sure that they get their money back or providing them with a work credit card or stipend will make their travels a more pleasant experience.

You can make it easier for employees to track business trip expenses using a mobile app.

Employees can take photos of their receipts and create reports for each of their expenses to provide clear evidence of how much they’ve spent and what they paid for.

Help with Booking Travel

Leaving the booking of trips up to your employees can be stressful too.

Finding the right transport and accommodation, as well as sticking to a budget, can be time-consuming.

By helping them to make appropriate and affordable travel plans, you can make it easier for them to manage.

You can give them plenty of advance notice about travel dates so that they have time to prepare.

You can offer them tools that will help them to find the best prices and the most appropriate options for their trip.

It might also be useful to consider a managed corporate travel service to take care of things.

Keep Employees SafeMaking Things Easier for Business Travelers

Safety needs to be a priority on any business trip. It’s important for your company to have good safety practices, as well as to consider how to help your employees stay safe at their destination.

In particular, consider the safety of women, LGBTQ+ people, and people of color (or anyone else who might be particularly vulnerable) when you are thinking about how to help your employees be and feel safe.

Help with finding safe accommodation and methods of travel, as well as best practices for keeping safe during the trip.

You can help to make things easier for your employees when they’re traveling for business.

Give them the tools and resources that they need.

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