4 Simple Ways To Increase Your Lifespan Naturally

Written By Alla Levin
October 07, 2020

Simple Ways To Increase Lifespan Naturally

While genes may play a role in your longevity, environmental factors and your lifestyle play a role not only in keeping you alive but also in the quality of your life. It is therefore necessary to take precautionary measures to avoid certain life-threatening circumstances.

For example, in this COVID era, it will be best to wear your mask and keep yourself and your immediate environment as clean as possible. But how else can you take better care of yourself naturally? This article should help answer that. 

Eat responsiblyavoid a negative lifestyle

By now, you may probably be aware that your diet affects your health and longevity. Therefore, it is advised to eat well to live long. One of the things experts warn against is overeating as there is a close connection between calorie intake and longevity. Scientific research on animals revealed that a 10–50% reduction in their normal calorie intake could maximize their lifespan.

Studies on the world’s longest-living populations also showed a similar pattern — longevity and lower risks of diseases were linked to low-calorie intake. Monitoring your calorie intake helps you keep your weight in check and avoid related issues such as obesity and belly fat, which are associated with a shorter lifespan.

Eat more fruit

Fruits increase your lifespan naturally since they are rich in vitamins, fiber, proteins, and antioxidants. Simply put, they are powerhouses for longevity. Some scientific research studies have shown that nuts are beneficial to the heart; they help in regulating your BP, belly fat, heal inflammation, and even fight some cancerous cells. In one study, it was established that if you take three servings of nuts weekly, you will be 39% less likely to die prematurely.

Be physically active

Ways To Increase Your Lifespan Naturally

Try your best to avoid physical laziness, and get active to gain its benefits, which are backed by science. Aerobic exercises like running and jogging are essential for improving your heart’s pumping functions. In one scientific study, it was shown that you add seven hours to your lifespan if you run for just one hour.

The study adds that averagely, those who run have a 25-40% lower risk of premature death and live up to three years longer. This means that the more you run, the healthier you are likely to become. According to some exercise physiology experts, running also normalizes your blood sugar levels, thereby keeping your kidneys, blood vessels, and body healthy. It also lowers your stress and improves lung functions.

Increase Lifespan: avoid a negative lifestyle

As mentioned, your lifestyle also matters when it comes to longevity. Therefore, to live long, you should try your best to avoid negative lifestyle choices. Carefully evaluate your habits, whether physical, mental, or psychological, to see which ones are productive or destructive.

If the latter is the case, try to avoid them, and find help if you cannot do it by yourself. You can visit this health webite to turn your life back on the best path.

The bottom line is that life is how you make it, and you can make the most of it using these suggested tips.

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