3 Things That Are Holding You Back In Life

Written By Alla Levin
September 16, 2020

How to Deal With Fears: 3 Things That Are Holding You Back In Life (And How To Deal With Them!)

Are you where you want to be in life, or do you have many unfulfilled goals? How to deal with fears?

The truth of the matter is that life is a journey, and while we may never attain every goal we set out for ourselves, we can always start walking in the right direction.

Of course, that walk isn’t necessarily going to be easy all the time, as there are often things that block our progress or hold us back.

However, by acknowledging these things and addressing them can break through and continue this journey that we call life.

Keep reading to find out more about the most common blocks and how to deal with them below.


Fear is a big one. Fear is a natural human emotion, which means we all feel it at one time or another.

However, the way our body and brain are wired and our upbringing can have a lot to do with how able we are at managing fear and not letting it stop us from doing what we value.

Unfortunately, this fear-block is often a semi-conscious one.

That means we are allowing fear to intervene with our lives without noticing where it happens.

With that in mind, starting to notice where and when your fear sensation arises can be beneficial.

Vipassana Buddhism practitioners even advise you to greet your fear as it arrives and say goodbye as it leaves.

Something that can help demonstrate it is only a temporary experience and allows us to be less affected by it.

Additionally, one of the best tips here is to allow yourself to get used to the feeling of fear.

While uncomfortable, this will help you to realize there is nothing to fear from the sensation of fear.

Therefore allowing you to come to the understanding that you do not need to let it stop you in your tracks.

Of course, it’s best to start small when it comes to facing your fear and build up from there, instead of the other way around.


While debt isn’t emotion like fear, there are usually plenty of feelings tied to it, and they are generally not that positive.

Many of us can punish ourselves for getting into debt in the first place and also put unrealistic expectations on ourselves as we try to get out.

Debt can practically hold us back as well.

After all, if we have a low credit rating or all of our money goes on paying bills, it can prevent us from making more extensive and more significant purchases in life, such as buying a home or getting a college education.

The good news is that you don’t have to let debt hold you back, even if you currently feel lousy about the whole situation.

In fact, there are several things you can do to get your debt situation under control.

These include making savings in your day to day life so you can pay off your debts fasters.

You may even wish to speak to a financial expert or follow an especially tailor plan like the Debt to Success System that is designed to empower you when it comes to dealing with your finances.

Something that can make even the most challenging debt situations a great deal easier to resolve.

Other people’s opinions

Human beings are social creatures, and as such, we like to have groups of friends and family around us with which we can spend our time.

Unfortunately, the opinions and views of the people we spend the most time with can easily rub off on us and influence the decisions we make.

Of course, this can become a real problem if we find ourselves doing things, not because we choose them, but because they will please others.

This type of people-pleasing behavior can be chronic, and at worst, can result in a life not lived to its fullest potential.

Not to mention all the anxiety, stress, and resentment that goes along with it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to let other people’s opinions or demands hold you back in life.

However, it can be tough to start standing in your own power when you begin.

Perhaps, the most valuable skill you can learn here is the ability to say “no” without justifying your decision to the people involved and learn how to deal with fears.

Maybe if we all learned that “no” is a complete answer in itself, we would have much more straightforward, happier lives where we can progress on our own journey without being distracted or held back by others’ wants and needs. 

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