5 Handy Applications To Take On A Road Trip

Written By Alla Levin
October 08, 2020

Apps For Road Trip: 5 Handy Applications To Take With You

Planning a road trip can involve a fair bit of admin; you’ve got to plan your route, write up your checklists, and ensure your vehicle is in perfect working order. To help you get yourself nice and organized, try downloading these handy applications before you set off.

FOBO Tire Applications To Take On A Road Trip

FOBO Tire is a tire pressure monitoring app, allows you to track tire pressure while you’re on the go. A few of the app’s key features include tire sensor replacements, flat tire alerts, and 24/7 tracking. Driving with the wrong tire pressure can lead to accidents or reduce the performance of your car. With the FOBO app, you can wave goodbye to your concerns about tire pressure.

Apps For Road Trip: DriveSmartApplications To Take On A Road Trip

The DriveSmart application is a tool to improve and analyze your driving. Using the app, you can record details about speed, and keep track of how you break, accelerate, and handle signals. The DriveSmart app automatically puts your calls through to voicemail, mutes your text messages, and sends out auto-responses.

It’s simple to use, and you’ll receive a DriveSmart certificate when you’ve recorded at least ten trips on the app. The app can help you to stay safe on the roads and avoid an accident. In the unfortunate event of an accident, it’s well worth contacting a top personal injury law firm that can support you to maximize car accident settlement.

Wazetraffic application

Waze is a traffic application, provides users with info about speed traps, construction delays, and road closures. The app can help you to steer clear of accidents and keep yourself safe on the roads.

Waze provides detailed info in real-time, including roadworks, police info, and collisions. When going on a road trip, you’ll want to avoid disruptions, and Waze can help you change your route accordingly. The app can also help you save money on fuel, access your estimated arrival time, and play your favorite tunes.

RoadtrippersApps For Road Trip

Roadtrippers is the perfect app for planning a road trip. The application allows you to plan an exciting route and find new destinations. Perhaps you’re looking to find the quickest route?

Or a slow and scenic route? Either way, Roadtrippers can help you plan your ideal road trip. The app allows you to plot seven waypoints and to research attractions and hotels along the way. You can also access the RoadTrippers social community for plenty of tips and advice.

Trivia Crack 2 Apps For Road Trip

Worried about getting bored on your road trip? Trivia Crack 2 is the perfect game to kill some time. Here you’ll find a huge range of Trivia topics suitable for all the family. Using this app, you can improve your general knowledge, have fun, create your own team, and progress through the levels.

You can use Trivia Crack 2 in up to 20 languages, earn rewards, and participate in the extra missions! You’ll learn plenty of fun new facts, and stop yourself from getting bored taking a road trip.

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