Tips For Optimizing An Online Gaming Experience

Written By Alla Levin
October 23, 2020

Game Optimization: Tips For Optimizing An Online Gaming Experience

The online gaming industry keeps on becoming more popular while getting better. Although gaming enthusiasts attest that online gaming doesn’t require any blazing speed, there is something to watch out for, and those are ping and latency.

While the ping denotes the amount of time your PC takes to relay data over the internet, latency means the delay before implementing a command to transfer data.

Just picture this:  You are bombarded with gunshots, grenades, and the sound of approaching enemy where you find yourself lonely and right in the territory of the enemy.

You quickly and instinctively try to take refuge in a room corner, only to hear approaching footsteps. It must be an enemy!

Yes, and you quickly get set to clear the enemy at first sight. You aim the gun, squeeze the trigger, and suddenly, your enemy peeks into the room to check.

You quickly fire, but whoops! Something goes wrong. Instead of killing the enemy, you die.

The above experience is frustrating, especially for shooter games online.

While the lag is the cause of such, here we discuss how to use Nvidia GeForce Experience for the optimal online gaming experience.

What is the Nvidia GeForce Experience?

Nvidia is a company specialized in the production of powerful graphical processing units for online gaming.  Currently, as a result of its efficiency, there are many Nvidia GPUs used by PC gamers and crypto miners.

The GeForce Experience is a host of performance and configuration tweaks for games and other powerful configuration options. As a result of its prowess, GeForce experience has earned a huge reputation in the gaming industry, especially among the Nvidia GPU owners.

The latest Nvidia’s gamer-centric GeForce GTX graphics cards installed in your PC allows you to download the Nvidia GeForce Experience desktop App. The App has undeniably useful tools for the enhanced gaming experience.

In addition to the Nvidia GeForce Experience, you can still explore additional gaming goodness through employing the best gaming accessories such as monitors, headsets, mice, and keyboards. They also guarantee some good treats for gaming lovers.

However, let’s dive more into the NVidia GeForce Experience. How To Use Nvidia Geforce Experience For Optimized Online Game Experience

Game Optimization: Sign Up for Beta

If you need to experience the added quality of gaming experience, you need to help Nvidia develop better features.

The best way to do this is to sign up for a beta program that would unveil early features to you. Then, after using them beforehand, you would offer valuable advice to help shape the service better.

For example, the Nvidia Freestyle feature is a beta tool for filters. It lets you apply filters to your games—color saturation and other amazing filters. Another beta feature is Ansel.

Nvidia’s in-game capture tool allows you to capture traditional screenshots, capture 360-degree panorama images fit for VR, and rotate the view for dramatic free cam photos.

Also, Ansel’s High-Resolution option allows you to capture screenshots in “super-resolution,” meaning the images are incredibly detailed.

Nvidia Ansel, only limited to GeForce GTX graphics card (680M model or later), 4GB of RAM, and Windows 7, 8, or 10, will hopefully expand in time. To enjoy early access to the newest features like these, go to settings and select “Enable Experimental Features.”

Check your PC Specschange management

Your specs may directly translate to game fun, but you will need to see if those specs match the minimum requirements for Game stream, Game Optimization, Virtual Reality, and maintaining the In-Game Overlay. Visit the Nvidia GeForce Experience App general section, where you will be able to view your rig’s specs.

Use Game Stream

To keep the online gaming industry on top, Nvidia keeps releasing improved game-related hardware such as Nvidia Shield TV, which can potentially stream 4K, HDR-enhanced video right to your big-screen television. On top of that, you can still use it to play PC games.

With your Nvidia GeForce Experience software installed on a gaming PC, you open the app on your PC, and after registering your Shield TV, you begin to stream games and your favorite titles to your TV. Only make sure that both devices are using the same network.

Optimize Game SettingsOptimize Game Settings

As a serious gamer—of course, you are; that’s why you purchased Nvidia GPU— you need game optimization. With GeForce Experience, the software tests numerous hardware configurations and finds the optimal settings for your intended game. You need to tap the power of Nvidia’s cloud data center.

Just click the Optimize icon for optimization, head to the Games section, and tap Automatically Optimize Newly Added Games.

Get ‘Game-Ready’ Drivers

Can you stand the frustration of your PC’s substandard gaming performance? Well, dealing with crashes is usually disappointing.  But Nvidia, together with developers, partner to prepare game ready drivers before releasing high profile titles.

Get these drivers by checking for updates then installing them, if any. The Game Ready Drivers are released before the game’s release to fix bugs, enhance performance, and generally improve your gaming experience.

From there, you’ll have a stable setup to enjoy the latest titles or even share experiences with others, such as learning how to make a Minecraft server.

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