Where To Find The Best Finance Current Events

Written By Alla Levin
October 23, 2020

Where To Find The Best Finance Current Events

Investors and finance professionals need the latest information to stay posted on the current finance events and trends. Luckily, you no longer have to wait for the next print edition of MyFinanceTimes.com to get abreast of the finance world, but get instant access right away.

There are a plethora of internet resources that offer constant updates on matters of finance. With many people recovering from the pandemic, you would most likely want timely updates on stock markets, personal finance information, marketing activity, government policies and regulations, and other forms of financial knowledge.

The Internet hosts lots of such information. Honestly, there is lots of information, and it can be a challenge to sieve through the internet for credible sites, we know. Therefore, we have researched and come up with a list of top sites for finance events and other information.

List of Sites Where To Find Finance News And Events

  • The financial times
  • CNBC
  • Investopedia
  • CNN markets
  • Kiplinger
  • This is Money
  • Market watch
  • Forbes Money
  • MyMoney


This is a financial blog offering the latest updates and information on personal finance, investing, corporate finance, and lots of other information. MyFinanceTimes.com also hosts a wide range of finance terms, a glossary that could help you gain an understanding of technical and trending terminologies and topics.


This is another combination site hosting lots of financial information. It combines stories and news, data and analysis, stock markets, banks, industries, companies, and career trends.  The section ‘where to spend it’ also enlightens the financial times’ readers on which products and services to spend their money on.


CNBC is the world’s leading source for business news offering international audience. It offers real-time financial market coverage.

The site has a personal finance page that hosts articles with information relevant to the latest news and trends, events, and blogs dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of taking a mortgage.


Investopedia covers news from an educational perspective. It offers real-time streaming news, analysis, and global coverage. Head to the ‘market section’ for updates on key operational metrics for different companies. The site also offers educational charts and assistance in tracking favorite stocks.


CNN is the number one news network on the globe with a finance-focused market page. The page has lots of financial topics covered from all over the world. You will find headlines on current financial events, trending stocks, performance graphs, and others.

CNN market is a great stop for quick news and updates on a variety of financial topics.


Unlike CNN markets that focus on news and headlines, Kiplinger aims to be a resource of personal finance advice, events and rends. They post quite actionable tips and valuable advice on finance matters. For example, you may learn how to avoid paying unnecessary fines as well as other topics.

This site is very friendly to new folks. They’ll ensure to give finance tips and basics to get you thoroughly acquainted. The fun section also allows visitors to try out quizzes that test personal finance matters like social security and others.


This is money is a UK based financial site that offers lots of information at a glaze. The websites boast of its dozens of articles on money trends, finance news, deals, and valuable advice. Browse different categories, such as cars, holidays, bills, and others.

Although those outside UK may not get well with the news, there is lots of other content for you to consume. Basically, you won’t miss a topic that catches your attention!


This site is a journal publication for the Wall Street Journal, catering to the money market enthusiasts. It offers indicators on key exchanges, latest news, and stock prices, among other content.

On signing up, customize the homepage by adding your favorite stocks to your watch list. The sites will offer exciting finance news even to those without an account. However, the site might feel uncomfortable for those who are fresh to finance matters due to its top-notch content.


Forbes is a popular name in the global business space. Whether you are interested in investing, small business, financial literacy, or leadership, you will definitely find something exciting with Forbes money.

Apart from finance, be sure to catch up with other news such as leadership, innovation, industry, etc.


This is a fully pledged U.S. government site that aims to help beginners learn the basics of finance. The site is dedicated to teaching 5 basic principles of money: Earn, Save and Invest, Borrow, Spend, and Protect.

You will also find guides on finance events and guides on how such affect financial lives. The page also hosts important tools to help you make important financial calculations effortlessly. The site is actually important for those in the financial world, both novice and veterans alike.

Bonus: Best Financial News Aggregator Websites

Do you want to follow the most recent finance news, data, and stocks? Well, you won’t have to miss anything. Here are the tools to help you start right away:

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