Things To Look For When Buying An Electric Bike

Written By Alla Levin
October 26, 2020
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Things To Look For When Buying An Electric Bike

Electric bikes have taken the biking world by storm. By integrating motors and batteries on bikes, bikers can now enjoy an efficient and hassle-free biking experience. If you have been searching for an electric bike but do not know where to start from, don’t worry, as in this article we will be talking about important things to consider when buying an electric bike.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the terrain you will be biking on frequently. Like conventional bikes that are of different types to suit the terrain, electric bikes come with different builds and specs to suit the terrains they are made for. If you are looking for a bike for your daily commute, then an electric road bike might do the trick, and if you are looking for a companion for your adventures, then electric bikes designed for mountainous terrains will get the job done.

Motor Types

Ebikes primarily feature two motor mount systems. The hub motor assist is installed in one of the wheels, while the crank motor assist is integrated with the pedal and crank area. A hub motor electric bike is ideal for people who prefer low noise while compromising incline performance.

On the other hand, the crank assists motor can assist your pedaling by determining your pedaling speeds and providing extra power while biking on steep hills.

Buying An Electric Bike: Battery Quality

You want to make sure that the batteries in your eBike consist of high-quality cells and deliver long-lasting performance for years to come. It is always recommended to go for a reputable brand like Samsung, Panasonic, or LG. You should also make sure that the bike has lithium-ion batteries as they are the industry standard for batteries used in bikes. Investing in bikes with premium batteries means you will be getting a higher number of charge cycles, quicker charge times, and lower bike weight.

Bike’s range

The added battery and motor make eBikes comparatively heavy, and this is why running out of power during commute will make things difficult and exhausting for you. The distance an electric bike can cover is dependent on numerous factors, including battery type, assistance intensity, biker’s weight, and terrain. This is why; make sure to purchase a bike that has a range that goes well beyond your daily commuting requirements, giving you a much-needed breathing room.


Foldable electric bikes are getting popular by the day, as they are efficient not only while switching between buses and trains but also for storage purposes. You can also carry it easily on steps and protect them from theft-related incidents. When considering which foldable e-bike to purchase, you might want to consider the wheels’ size as it greatly impacts the foldability and weight of the bike.

It would help if you also considered the folding mechanism your preferred bike has. A common way bikes are folded the ‘fold in half’ method results in quick folding but a bigger shape. The alternative folding mechanism found in bikes breaks the frame from two places leading to a much more compact shape.

Buying An Electric Bike: ConclusionBuying An Electric Bike

Hopefully, this article facilitated you by highlighting things you should definitely look into before making the final decision. If you have additional recommendations that might facilitate potential e-bike owners, please leave them below in the comment box. Happy biking!

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