The Benefits of Including Video In Marketing Strategy

Written By Alla Levin
October 26, 2020
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The Benefits of Including Video In Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing strategies have proved to be a great ally to businesses in 2021. Videos generate several benefits for brands in terms of generating greater revenues and also enhancing companies’ messages. 

Videos have great advantages when aiming to reach big audiences in a way that is efficient and dynamic at the same time. Did we gather a list of video marketing’s main benefits in 2020 to give you a clear guide with detailed answers to tackle the main question: why video? 

Audiences are willing to watch your video

It is proved that consumers prefer to learn about brands by watching videos. In fact, videos are processed and understood 60000 times faster than written content. 

Search engines rank video content better

It is well known that YouTube is the most popular social media platform when it comes to videos. But video content is also the highest-ranked content in every search engine in the online world.  Videos generate a better user experience, resulting in top results among search engines. 

With video content, your website has 53% more chances to appear first on Google’s search engine

When it comes to users staying and interacting on your website, time is gold. If users click on your site but immediately go, search engines will understand that your site provides a poor user experience and punish you with poor results in engine searches. 

On the other hand, when showcasing video content on your site, users will tend to stay and generate more interactions with your company. Videos can be very catchy tools when it comes to retaining audiences. Therefore, Google and other engines will see that users spend a lot of time on your website, resulting in the lists’ top rankings. 

Video In Marketing Strategy: Videos also help website’s backlinks Video In Marketing Strategy

Backlinks are a crucial part when it comes to your website’s SEO. More backlinks in your site mean more chances to top Google’s result list.  Websites with video content get three more times backlinks than websites without them! 

33% of tablet users claim to watch videos for at least an hour per day

When it comes to smartphone users, the number drops to 28%. 

Videos are a great tool to sell products and services

Almost every Internet user (98% of them, actually) admits to having watched explainer videos to learn about a specific product or service. Even more, explainer videos widely reduced the number of query calls that customers’ attention teams receive. 

Video marketing strategies improve ROIwhat motion graphics are

According to 52% of businesses owners, video marketing strategies have generated a better ROI (return on investment) than any other content type. When it comes to big revenues, this impactful number speaks for itself and definitely proves that audiovisual content for marketing strategies carries out great benefits.  

What’s more, developing an online video marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily imply big investments. You can create beautiful and impactful videos to boost your sales and increase your audience’s engagement with CreatorKit. Do you know what motion graphics are? With this amazing tool, you can create motion-graphics videos to leave your audience astonished. 

It only takes a few seconds, and no prior experience is required!  

Videos also have great conversion rates

Displaying video content on your website can really tip the balance when it comes to SEO. Websites with audiovisual content have an average conversion rate of 4.8%. 

Video ads display the highest CTR

In terms of CTR (click-through rate), video ads break records among any other kind of digital ad format. CTR in videos is 1.84%. What’s more, 76% of the people who remember a video ad after watching it (commonly known as Ad Recall) did it after the first 10 seconds.

Explainer videos are great teachers for your customers

Among companies that prefer video marketing content, 45% of them have an explainer video on their website’s homepage. 83% of them also indicated that their explainer video proved to be very efficient in teaching both customers and potential clients how to use and what their products are meant for.

Videos get more shares on Social Media than any other kind of content

Nobody wants to make free publicity for brands. Marketers need to be aware that creating content users find entertaining, emotional, and, most importantly, sharable is a great gate to generate recognition over a brand. 

Videos can be a funny, dynamic, and catchy way to reach audiences and make them want to share it with their circles in an organic way. This definitely will help increase your brand’s awareness and guide traffic to your website. 

Videos should be an essential part of your marketing strategymarketing strategy

Creating audiovisual content can and should become a central part of your whole marketing strategyPossibilities are limitless: you can use the content you already have and share it differently as a video.

You can also create one video by merging two existing videos or whatever you want. With CreatorKit, you can trim, edit, and merge videos as you like! Videos will definitely give you an advantage over your competition. 

Although it is well known that video marketing strategies have great benefits, even for small and local businesses, not every entrepreneur is taking full advantage of this strategy.  In fact, creating video content is only relevant to 26% of marketers, which is a big mistake! 

Nonetheless, 45% of them plan on producing video marketing content in the next year. So starting right now to get a glimpse ahead of them seems like a smart choice!

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