3 Simple Ways to Be a Better Driver (That’s Nothing to Do With Skill)

Written By Alla Levin
October 28, 2020
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Ways to Be a Better Driver (That’s Nothing to Do With Skill)

We all feel that we have some semblance of skill when we are behind the wheel. And whether you think you are already sufficient in the ways of driving, the fact is there are still idiots out there on the road that cause accidents. Being a better driver isn’t about learning to park in space effectively, but it’s about understanding the entire approach to operating a vehicle.

There is always room for improvement, but what are the common things that we all suffer from behind the wheel, and what can we do to improve on these?

Using the Appropriate Speed

Many people believe that as long as they’re doing the speed limit, they are doing nothing wrong. And while you may not need to contact a traffic ticket lawyer anytime soon, we have to remember that depending on the conditions, the road can be dangerous even if we are doing the legal speed.

We have to remember that we exercise caution, especially concerning the environment. It’s important to read the road, and when you see what is going on further ahead, you can choose the most appropriate speed.

It’s important to remember that you can navigate a road safely. If there’s water surface spray on the road, but one idiot is applying the pressure behind you, let them pass if it is safe to do so. When we are feeling the pressure to drive faster, this can make for conflict on the road. But we have to exercise due diligence and understand if we will be safe, despite what others think.

Reducing Your Distractions

Everybody feels the temptation to look at their smartphone when they are in traffic or at a set of lights. But distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents. The best thing anybody can do is put their phone onto flight mode before sending off.

When you consider how many distractions there are in your vehicle, not just the phone but the radio or CDs and other junk, all it takes is a split second to cause an accident. It is important to get your focus in check before you head out, which means sorting out every distraction in the vehicle.

Getting Your Sleep

Fatigue is dangerous. It causes so many accidents by delaying your reactions. While you may have never fallen asleep at the wheel, you need to fix your sleep if you ever feel tired. Many people feel that they are fine driving on a few hours of sleep that what happens is that we build up a sleep deficit over time. Prioritizing your sleep by getting an adequate amount is so important.

Fatigue causes approximately 20% of car crashes. Learning to sleep properly isn’t particularly exciting, but it’s something that we can all benefit from to be a better driver.

We all have considerable issues behind the wheel. Whether we think we are a fantastic driver or we need to make a few improvements, these are three simple things that we can all benefit from.

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