Simple Tips For Safer Winter Driving

Written By Alla Levin
November 05, 2020

Simple Tips For Safer Winter Driving

Winter is approaching, and it soon becomes a little more complicated to be out on the roads. When cold weather hits and dark nights draw in it can be difficult to stay on top of safe driving, but today we want to talk about it. 

Here is how you can stay safe on the road during winter for a happier and healthier Christmas. 

Check your tire tread 

The first thing you must do when you drive in winter is to check your tire tread. The tread of a tire is crucial to ensure grip on the road, and with icy and frosty weather looming we need to be sure that our car stays stable on the road. If you want to avoid a trip to your local car accident lawyers, take time to check the tread is deeper than 1.6mm, and if not, invest in new ones! 

Safer Winter Driving: Invest in tire grips Safer Winter Driving

Tire grips are an important feature you can add to your car during the winter. If you live in a cold area that often sees a lot of snow in the winter, you should consider investing in grips for the bottom of your tires just to give that extra support when on the road. It will make all the difference when driving in the snow. 

Keep up the pressure 

Tyre pressure is more important than you might think, and ideally, you should be checking your tires once a month and topping them up frequently. If your tires are under-inflated you will not be able to enjoy the same grip on the road and this can lead to danger. Be sure when checking tire pressure that you are on a flat surface and the tires are cold. 

Top up fluids 

Fluids such as oil, antifreeze, and coolant are essential for the safe running of your car. When doing monthly maintenance on your car make sure to top up these fluids to ensure that your engine does not freeze and to ensure that all of the parts of your engine are well lubricated. Also, consider filling your screen wash and using it now and again to ensure that the tap doesn’t freeze over! 

Check oil level

To check your oil level you should take out the dipstick, wipe it, dip it back in and then check the level. Your oil is what lubricates all of the working parts of your car, and without this essential component, you may find yourself struggling to drive. 

Safer Winter Driving” Go slow 

When driving in winter conditions it is important to take it slow. We all know how tempting it is to speed a little over the limit on roads we know well, but this is never a good idea and won’t get you anywhere. Be sure to stick to the speed limit, come to a full stop at junctions, and be careful about roundabouts. 

If you don’t have to, don’t 

Driving in winter is dangerous, and if you have the option not to drive at all you should take it. But if you do drive, be careful, maintain your car, and stay vigilant! 

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