What Conditions Could Benefit from Medical Transport?

Written By Alla Levin
November 06, 2020

What Conditions Could Benefit from Medical Transport?

Even people with medical conditions need to travel across the world sometimes. Being diagnosed with a chronic condition does not mean that you have to give up on vacations, visiting family, moving house, or even getting medical care from another country. If you are concerned that you might not be applicable for medical transport, here are some of the conditions that could benefit from a flight coordinator’s services.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

You might think that you or a loved one cannot fly if they have dementia or Alzheimer’s because you or a relative may be unable to cope with day-to-day activities during your flight. However, medical transport is not only applicable to those with physical conditions, and a flight coordinator from Flying Angels can help you to plan your flight with an airline and ensure that you reach your destination safely.

Respiratory Illnesses and Lung Diseaseemergency medical transport

Respiratory illnesses can be particular problems on planes due to the recycled air and the lack of oxygen that some people experience, along with air pressure and what may happen during the event of an emergency, such as turbulence. However, by booking a medical flight, you will have space to take a ventilator and any other respiratory equipment that you may need to have a high-quality flight. Not only this, but if there is an emergency, having a flight coordinator with you will mean that you can easily access emergency medical transport.

Post-Surgical Complications

Post-surgical complications can be extremely varied, yet those who have just had surgery may need to fly between different countries for various reasons. For instance, they may be heading somewhere else for rehabilitation or maybe returning from medical care in another country. If that is the case, you should consider booking a medical flight as this will enable you to inform your flight attendants in advance of all of your requirements and can even allow you to fly on a stretcher if necessary.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is increasingly common as you get older. However, having heart disease or a heart attack does not mean that you cannot head into the skies in the future. As long as you are in a suitable condition to fly and have the right medications, there is no reason why you cannot fly with heart disease. However, if you need extra support, a medical flight will allow you to have access to professional care at all times in case you begin to feel unwell.


Many people with cancer choose to go on vacation or even seek medical care in another country. If you want to do this, booking a medical flight is the best option as this will allow you to take heed of your doctor’s guidance at all times and reduce the stress of travel by ensuring that you know that help is on hand at all times.

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