Feedback Matters: Here’s Why

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2020

Feedback Matters: Here’s Why

You created a product or a service that would change the lives of many people. It’s worked: lives are changing – or so you think. You’re selling your product, you’re writing a blog, and you’re on social media and carefully interacting with your customers.

You are working every angle you know how to advertise your product, and as far as you’re concerned, people are responding. But have you asked for their feedback and their opinion? Have you checked in with your customers to know that you are doing well?

The way that you advertise and sell your product matters for your customers. You want to get the best possible feedback from them, and that means learning how to advertise and how to catch up with them so that they are connected to your brand and your product. With this in mind, customer feedback really does matter to you! And if you haven’t considered this so far, you need to think about it.

Here are some of the reasons that customer feedback really does matter:

  1. You can improve if you listen. When you ask for your feedback about your products, you will be able to get better with every change and upgrade you make to your products. Listening will help you make those all-important improvements, and you can learn what will best serve your customers over time. You can learn what is working well and what isn’t, and you can give yourself the challenge that you can do better.
  2. When you ask your customers for their thoughts, they will feel valid and that their opinion matters. This really counts – all good business owners do this to make their brand and customer relationship flourish. When customers are listened to, they learn to trust you and take what you say as correct and real for them. They feel that they have a role and that their opinion matters in the future of your brand.
  3. You will always have customers coming back to your business if they are confident in your brand. You can sell a product to someone, but if you don’t keep that relationship warm, you will lose the customer, and they may not ever buy from you again. Control your product’s quality and ensure that it’s a reasonable price, and you will appeal in ways you couldn’t imagine.
  4. You will improve the loyalty of your customer base when you ask them how they feel about you. Collecting that feedback encourages their return to you, and you are actively creating a good relationship to make the purchase of your product more personal and worthwhile. You want to better their experience, and it’s in how you advertise, how you respond online, and how you write your blog about your business that you can make all of these key improvements.

Take the time to be there for your customer and follow up with them. You won’t regret the time you took to make sure that they are happy with your offering.

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