Three Hobbies You Can Turn Into Income

Written By Alla Levin
September 29, 2020

Hobby Income: Three Hobbies You Can Turn Into Income

Everyone has their hobbies and pastimes that they dedicate time to because they find them fulfilling or fun.  And while we don’t typically think about making money from them, some of them can be turned into an income if you take it seriously.

Whether you are familiar with the reason gold is valuable and want to do some gold panning, or love to write, there are ways you can earn an income. What could be better than earning an income from something that you love?  Let’s have a look at some of the most common hobbies that could make you money: 


Publishing and writing online have excellent potential when it comes to income. It can be an efficient way to earn an income and do it as a hobby. Whether you run a blog, please share your ideas in a book, or offer freelance writing services, the list goes on and on when writing and earning potential. 

The most common way is to offer your writing as a service. Freelancing on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork works well, and content writers are usually high in demand, especially in our niche subjects. 

Hobby Income: Cookingrunning a cooking blog

Food has certainly become something that is featured worldwide, with mouth-watering pictures on places like Instagram. It’s not only amateur chefs that are getting involved in his either. Cooking is a hobby that can be used to make an income, and it can be shared in a plethora of ways. From running your cooking blog, Youtube channel, or Instagram, to releasing a recipe book, your options are endless. 

Some people even hit the ground running by having their food truck start their foodie brand. There is certainly a market for new chefs and food businesses in this world. 

Photographystock photos

If you love to take photos and own a nice camera, then there are a fair few ways for you to turn photography into a hobby that makes you money. It’s a brilliant little side hustle.

You can choose to become a freelance photographer; however, this can sometimes be restricting as you may only be able to shoot locally at things like events and gigs. This means when there are no events, there is no work. 

If you want a more successful side hustle from your photography skills, you should consider selling your shots as prints or stock photos. If your pictures are good enough, you may even be able to gain a following on Instagram and monetize your profile. For this, though, you need to choose a theme or a particular lifestyle that you want to capture. 

These are just three of the hobbies that can easily be turned into income. There are others, including gaming, DIY crafts, gardening, etc. Even hobbies like mountain biking, hiking, and water sports, learn handpan are turned into income using tools like Go-Pros to capture the footage. Do you get paid to do any of your hobbies? Please share some success stories in the comments below. 

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