Choosing a Personal Injury Solicitor to Work on Your Claim

Written By Alla Levin
November 20, 2020
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Choosing a Personal Injury Solicitor to Work on Your Claim

Injuries are a part of life. When we’re kids, we fall all the time. Most people have scars on their knees and elbows from riding bikes, skateboards, and climbing trees in the neighborhoods. However, we’re young, and our bodies can heal pretty quickly.

As we get older, our bodies start to mature, which reduces the time it takes for a wound to heal. Not only that, but the injuries can become more severe. Road accidents, work-related injuries, and even exposure to harmful substances can play a large role in the remaining quality of life. Click here to read more.

Even doctors can make mistakes, and that’s why medical negligence exists. Nothing can restore our life as it was when we weren’t harmed, but we can at least get financial compensation. That’s why picking a solicitor is such a big deal. They are the largest factor determining the direction your case might go.

Why is Personal Injury Solicitor so Important?Why is Personal Injury Solicitor is so Important

Let’s say that you got severely hurt at work, and it wasn’t your fault. If you want to get full compensation, you’ll be fighting against a large insurance company. They will do their best to find the best lawyers and make sure they pay you a minuscule amount or nothing at all.

The difference between picking a good and a lousy solicitor is as clear as day and night. One will win you the case, and the other will lose you the case. It can also mean the difference between getting the full sum you wanted or compromising for additional costs and hearings due in a few years. The only way you get what you deserve is to have a trusted professional by your side who will fight along with you.

Personal Injury Solicitor: What qualities should you look for?Personal Injury Claims Dublin

The first thing is always an experience. There have been many changes in how solicitors get paid in the past few years. Now, they make much less money than they used to. Many firms saw this as an opportunity to put low-skilled and non-qualified workers to gain some experience while climbing the ladder.

It would be best to look for a company like Personal Injury Claims Dublin that has reputable evidence of winning cases and has continued doing so for the last few years. The best thing you can do is to ask your solicitor questions even before you start the contract. If they use a lot of industry-specific jargon and don’t make sense to you as they should, that’s a signal to look for another company.

Every solicitor you hire from needs to know how to speak to their clients, and that’s an important mark of someone who has been through tons of cases. If you’re doing your research online, you should look for a badge from the SRA or the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

As well as that, it would be best if you were looking for a badge that says Law Society Personal Injury Panel. These two badges back up every website’s authority that claims to work in this field, and they’re required to display it on every page.

Finally, there’s the question about price. How much will it cost for them to do their job and help you? Seeing that there have been tons of changes in the past two decades, these firms now operate on a no-win – no-fee basis. That means that if you lose the case, they don’t get paid.

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This gives them extra initiative and motivation to work harder. It would help if you knew that cutting corners and looking for the cheapest deal will never be the best option. If you go that route, everything will get delayed, and your pocket might receive a blow from a reduced compensation award.

It’s best if you didn’t think of the problem at hand regarding how much the solicitor is going to make from your case. Instead, switch your mindset to how much you will get from the entire procedure. In the end, what’s important is for you to have a way to communicate with them, be sure of their expertise, and win the case.

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