Tips For Organizing A Profitable Fundraising Event

Written By Alla Levin
November 23, 2020

Tips For Organising A Profitable Fundraising Event

Here in WA, people want to help. So why not make helping fun? Meaningful community involvement is at the heart of every successful fundraising event. Read on for tips on putting together a fundraiser that draws a crowd for a good cause.


Consider the number of people you are expecting to show up on the day. Make sure that you budget appropriately for the expected crowd to minimize unnecessary spending. Utilize the power of social media to promote the fundraising event in the weeks before the big day. Charge guests a gold coin donation upon entry or participation in the available amusements to increase the funds collected.

You will also need to have reliable teams of staff or volunteers to help entertain. Establishing a strong host committee provides you with a leadership team committed to your cause and ensures seamless communication between teams.

Choose your event partners and sponsors wisely and early. In addition to providing audiences an additional incentive to attend, sponsors maximize the marketing and advertising power needed to attract patrons.

Fundraising Event: What?

Once you have a clear idea of how many people and what kinds of crowds you intend to attract, plan out which activities to include, ask local vendors and food trucks (that have a good reputation) whether they would like to participate in the event, people with full bellies are more likely to stick around for other activities. A variety of stalls means there is something for everyone.

See if places that offer bouncy castles hire in Perth have a wider range of amusements (think water slides, obstacle courses, and zorb balls). A variety of activities mean that patrons do not have to wait in line for too long and thus lose interest. Make sure there are easily accessible power and water sources and toilets, ATMs, and clearly defined areas for people to relax.


Will your event be held in cold or warm weather? If it’s too chilly outside, consider renting a cozy indoor space and offering local bands the opportunity to perform. Food trucks and stalls for local artisans will definitely attract social media attention in the colder months. If it’s warm, make the most of the sunny weather and bring fun outdoors. Plan so you are not competing for the best bouncy castles for hire in Perth when warmer seasons and peak holiday periods mean outdoor amusements are in higher demand.

Securing a date and location early allows room for tweaks to the event schedule and longer advertising periods to generate conversation and excitement in the community about your event. Aim to set the fundraiser at a time when there isn’t already another major event happening. Also, ensure you have a wet weather plan!


Put up some signs around the event location to direct people towards the action. Having a large amusement would catch the attention of passers-by from further away! Research places that offer bouncy castles for hire in Perth to see what eye-catching amusements are available. You can allocate staff or volunteers to specific locations around the event to direct patrons and answer any questions.

Be sure to make space for accessible parking bays and paths of travel for patrons with disabilities. Refer to the Department of Communities for a government-approved checklist designed to help create accessible events. Consider also whether there will be enough parking available and plan out the flow of traffic. Ease of access to the event will keep new groups of people coming and increase the likelihood and donations.


People will enjoy knowing where their donations are going and how they are making an impact. Have posters and pamphlets or knowledgeable staff and volunteers inform patrons where the funds will go. Ensure that every part of the event is encouraging patrons to donate.

Think of each stall, amusement, and a staff member or volunteer as a checkpoint that provides an opportunity for people to learn more about your cause. Provide donation options at each checkpoint. You can also offer donation opportunities online if patrons have to pre-purchase tickets to enter. Having a website with a clearly defined intent of the cause allows those who want to contribute but not attend an opportunity to donate.

Fundraising Event: How?

Establish clear resource development strategies, ask your committee for feedback, and take on specific projects. Approach the event with the expectation that things might not go as smoothly as planned. That is, prepare and budget well for unforeseen expenses. The monetary goal is to raise more funds at the event than the amount spent putting it together in the first place.

Make sure that you establish healthy links with all your vendors before the event goes live. If you’re going to be outside, don’t forget to supply the facilities that people will need. Make sure that you choose suppliers who can provide you with accessibility options. You’ll also need to provide bathroom facilities in the venue or in conjunction with firms such as Foothill Portables.

You’ll also want to think about whose expertise you can draw on as you make these links. If there are people in your team who understand how events are likely to unfold, ask them to provide their advice and wisdom.

Starting early means you can get in touch with the necessary suppliers and establish relationships to negotiate expenses better – this way, you can stick as close to the event budget as possible. Utilize your committee’s social networking skills to get in touch with reliable caterers and bouncy castle hires in Perth, increase social media attention, and secure sponsors for a successful fundraising event.

Good luck and happy fundraising!

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