Protecting Your Products During Shipping

Written By Alla Levin
November 29, 2020
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Protecting Your Products During Shipping

When you ship your products, you must have everything protected. Protecting your products is an essential part of making sure that you don’t lose any items (money) while traveling from a to b. 

Shipping products is an essential part of getting your products from where they are manufactured to your intended sale point.  You can take several steps to make sure that your products get to where they are meant to go in one piece. 

Products During Shipping: Consider the Travel

Suppose your products are coming from overseas, then there are several places you will need to pay attention to. You might find that your shipping container will go through numerous weather conditions; it should be proofed against damp, heat, and more. The shipping container will protect most of these, but you will need to do more.

The boxes that your products are placed in ahead of the shipping container should be protective enough too. Thick cardboard, usually corrugated, will help. Each of the products shouldn’t be able to move too much, as this can cause breakage. 

Once your shipping container has landed, you will need to be inspected and extra protection like tarps from Delta Mark

Although there will be some breakage during the shipping process minimizing this is essential. 

Impact of Protection MaterialsImpact of Protection Materials

As mention above, each of your boxes needs to be protected individually too. For the protective materials within each box, you need to have a combination of things. It will depend on the product, but here are some options.

  • Bubble wrap, although this is one of the more expensive items, and it’s ideal for the environment, works wonders for breakables. 
  • Paper that is scrunched up and placed between items can also stop things from moving. 
  • Specialist protection can be used for high-value items. Custom made molds and self-activating foam bags are possible. 

It should be noted that whatever packing your choose should be environmentally friendly where possible, and well as cost-effective. 

An effective method of encouraging people to be more careful with your goods is to have them labeled as fragile with packing tape on the boxes. And always choose to insure your goods too. 


You should ensure that your warehouse is secure, clean, and resistant to the weather. Regular cleaning and protective steps like security guards and CCTV will help keep your products safe and stop them from getting issues like moldy boxes, damp or pests. 

Last Mile

When it is time to send the products from your warehouse to the customer, you can get more creative. Use packing materials with your brand’s colors and logos to increase your brand and customers’ loyalty. Strong branding in your business is a must. 

You should also choose the last-mile carrier with the best reviews and has a proven track record within the region. 

Damaged packaging and products hurt your brand and your bottom line. If something arrives for a customer in less than perfect condition, a customer will think twice before ordering from you again. Protecting your products during shipping is an essential part of protecting your business. 

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