Everything You Need To Do Before Moving To Italy

Written By Alla Levin
December 09, 2020

Everything You Need To Do Before Moving To Italy

Whether you have always dreamed of living in Europe or the thought of delicious pizza and pasta is pushing you towards a move, deciding to relocate will likely be difficult. As with any move abroad, you need to consider what you leave behind – your friends, family, career, and more. It would help if you also thought about any expenses associated with moving, and you must understand that a move abroad will likely be twice as expensive.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that you should let this stop you from taking the leap and setting out on an Italian adventure. You need to be prepared. Moving to a different country changes things forever.

Here’s some advice to get you ready to move!

Get your documents ready

When moving to a new country, you need to ensure that you obtain all of the documents you need to live and work within the country – such as visas, citizenship, and work permits. The process can be both difficult and time-consuming, so you must get a head start on the process. As soon as you decide to move, begin applying for your citizenship.

When moving to Italy, you can obtain various types of visas – from couple visas to student visas. However, if you have Italian heritage, you may be able to apply for Italian citizenship by descent. This can make moving much easier, but you have to put in the time and effort to ensure you complete the forms correctly, as 100s of applications get rejected each day. If you need more advice on How to get Italian Citizenship by Descent, get in touch with immigration lawyers, who can talk you through the entire process.

Put a plan in place

Although it may seem tempting, you probably shouldn’t just pack a bag and set off on your adventure. You’re going to need to have a plan in place that helps turn the move from a dream to a reality. You can help build a plan by putting together a checklist for a stress-free relocation. Write down everything you need to do or buy, and figure out how much time you need to complete everything. This is the timescale you have to work with. A checklist will also help you figure out how much money the move will cost, allowing you to put together a budget and start saving money. 

Learn Italian (At least a little)

Plenty of people who live in Italy are bilingual, but you’ll probably need to learn Italian if you plan on living there. This will widen your career and social prospects, alongside making your day-to-day life more manageable.

You don’t have to wait until you are fluent in Italian to move – in fact, you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up on the language once you are there and speaking it every day,  but you should try to get to grips with the basics before the move. This can easily be achieved by attending a few beginner classes or using apps such as Duolingo.  

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